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1 Scottish Executive Enterprise, Transport and Lifelong Learning Department January 2005.

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1 1 Scottish Executive Enterprise, Transport and Lifelong Learning Department January 2005

2 2 SCOTTISH EXECUTIVE TRANSPORT RESPONSIBILITIES (1) Include policy on, and delivery of –Trunk Roads - 3,500 Km –Lifeline Services including Ferries, Air Services and Highland Airports –Toll bridges –Freight –Inland Waterways* –Road Safety

3 3 SCOTTISH EXECUTIVE TRANSPORT RESPONSIBILITIES (2) - Traffic Management - Ports and harbours - Public and rural transport - Aviation - Cycling and Walking - Bus policy* -Rail franchise, policy and projects* -Rail network management and maintenance**

4 4 LOCAL AUTHORITY RESPONSIBILITIES Local roads - construction, maintenance and management Road user charging schemes (local roads only) Subsidising bus routes Local Transport Strategies Bus (and some rail) infrastructure

5 5 PRIVATE SECTOR COMPANIES Buses - StageCoach, First Bus, Arriva…. Rail - ScotRail, GNER, Virgin, EWS… Air - BA, BMid, EasyJet, Loganair…. Ferry - Superfast, P+O, Stena….. Freight - Freightliner, Stobart, Salvesen...

6 6 PUBLIC SECTOR COMPANIES Caledonian MacBrayne Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd (NorthLink) British Waterways Lothian Regional Transport (Network Rail)

7 7 "A Partnership for a Better Scotland" …need reliable, efficient transport. ….. central to a thriving economy and strong communities... put in place an integrated transport system... goods to market quickly and efficiently….people to work safely and on time.. connect the whole country and be connected …. aim is an accessible Scotland with a modern, safe, efficient and sustainable transport system... transport system should be sustainable, minimising impacts on our environment, particularly by greater use of public transport

8 8 Transport White Paper: Aim Our overall aim is to promote economic growth, social inclusion, health and protection of our environment through a safe, integrated, effective and efficient transport system

9 9 Transport White Paper: Objectives Promote economic growth by building, enhancing, managing and maintaining transport services, infrastructure and networks to maximise their efficiency Promote social inclusion by connecting remote and disadvantaged communities and increasing the accessibility of the transport network Protect our environment and improve health by building and investing in public transport and other types of efficient and sustainable transport which minimise emissions and consumption of resources and energy Improve safety of journeys by reducing accidents and enhancing the personal safety of pedestrians, drivers, passengers and staff Improve integration by making journey planning and ticketing easier and working to ensure smooth connection between different forms of transport

10 10 SR 05/08 Commitments …Increase passenger journeys on the Scottish rail network by an average of 2% each year. …Increase local bus journeys by an average of 1% each year. …70% of the Scottish Executive transport spending to go on public transport over the period of the long-term investment plan with the ultimate aim to promote more sustainable transport. …Transfer a further 2 million lorry miles per year from road to rail or water.

11 11 ONGOING WORK - 1: STAG Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance Full assessment against the 5 objectives –Economy –Accessibility & Social Inclusion –Environment –Safety –Integration STAG is currently being revised in light if the requirements of the EU Directive on SEA

12 12 ONGOING WORK - 2 Scottish Travel Awareness Campaign ChooseAnotherWay Freight Facilities Grants Support for the UK Powering Future Vehicles Strategy Support for DfT’s current development work on biofuels, including a study on a RTFO Support for the Scotland’s first large-scale biodiesel plant being built near Motherwell Reducing transport of timber by road - £13m timber transport fund

13 13 ONGOING WORK- 3 Commissioned work on the production of new guidance to local authorities on road traffic reduction Support to Local Authorities wishing to introduce road- charging schemes Targeted Improvements to the trunk road network to reduce congestion and improve car efficiency including reduced emissions Launch of ‘Transport Direct’

14 14 Sustainable Development Issues - 1 transport infrastructure, from footpaths to motorways, is part of our environment: opening up opportunities and contributing to sustainable and accessible communities. its construction and use can have negative environmental impacts such as community severance, loss of green space, poorer air quality and increased noise, which affect people’s health and quality of life. the Executive is endeavouring to stabilise road traffic volumes and are supporting the expansion of transport, walking and cycling in order to reduce impacts on the environment.

15 15 Sustainable Development Issues - 2 Trunk road biodiversity action plan – published in 1999 – promotes the development of sustainable, cost effective management practices that work with natural processes –Much of the estate is rural and the land area is spread over a wide network passing through many different landscape character areas and habitat types. –The soft verges and earthworks are often among the few places where wildlife can thrive in intensively managed agricultural landscapes.

16 16 Sustainable Development Issues - 3 significant investment in the Scotrail franchise will help protect and enhance our environment, promote public transport and encourage people out of private cars, reduce congestion, reduce emissions and consumption of resources and energy. promotion of Green Transport Plans will support sustainable development and protect the environment by contributing to traffic reduction generally and urban congestion reduction in particular.

17 17 Sustainable Development Issues - 4 Lifeline links – air and ferry Support for rural communities through the rural community transport initiative

18 18 National Transport Strategy Major analysis and consultation process running through to 2006. Key focus on economy, environment and social inclusion Will lay the foundations for the strategic projects review to start by 2007

19 19 National Transport Strategy Key challenges include balancing economic growth with increased propensity to travel and resulting environmental impact Opportunities for joint working, running in parallel with the climate change review

20 20 Scottish Executive Enterprise, Transport and Lifelong Learning Department January 2004

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