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Dr Lina Shbeeb Minister of Transport. Jordan

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1 Dr Lina Shbeeb Minister of Transport. Jordan
Green Transport Dr Lina Shbeeb Minister of Transport. Jordan

2 Public Transport In Jordan Mode share in the country
The Multimodal Transport Model July 2013

3 Public Transport In Jordan
Transport in Jordan should start going GREEN. By changing the mode share to be in the side of public transport instead of private cars. Vehicles growth Statis-quo should change

4 Transport sub-Sector Consumption Amounts Of Fuel in Jordan (tons)
Fuel oil Diesel Gasoline Jet Fuel total Sector consuming average Land Transport 1,285,020 1,111,511 2,396,531 91 % Air Transport 220,764 8.5 % Maritime Transport 2,561 6,038 8,599 0.3 % Rail Transport 112 5,389 22 5,523 0.2 % Total 2,673 1,296,447 1,111,533 2,631,417 100 %

5 EU Definition of Green Transport
Green transport system is resource-efficient, climate- and environmentally-friendly, safe and seamless for the benefit of all citizens, the economy and society. It is also known as Sustainable Transport

6 Narrow and Broad Scope of Green Transport
Walking Cycling green vehicles( solar and wind powered) Walking Cycling green vehicles( solar and wind powered) Bus and railway Green highways

7 Green Transport policy
Reduction in Transport Energy Use. Increase in Renewable Fuels. Low Impact on Life Cycle Environment.

8 Reduction in Transport Energy Use.
Shift model choice from motorized modes to non motorized modes. Jordan vision : Shift from almost 45% mode share to 20% motorized Shift passenger transportation from private autos to public transport. Jordan Target : increase share from 13% mode share to 30% Shift freight transportation from truck to rail. Jordan Vision: Implementing the National Railway Network Shift vehicle technology and design from more energy use to less energy use ( energy efficiency). Jordan Vision: introduce hybrid or electrical vehicles in the long term Shift urban design from higher travel demand to lower travel demand. Jordan Vision: not integrated in urban Planning yet

9 Increase in Renewable Fuels
Shift fuel usage from petroleum fuels to non-petroleum fuels.

10 Green Transport Strategies
Three major variables drive transportation energy usage and emission: Vehicle miles traveled (VMT) Vehicle technologies Fuel characteristics Institutional strategies.

11 VMT Reduction strategies
Adopt smart land use growth, such as Comprehensive Regional Planning, Land Use Master Plan at National level (municipal)was developed Urban Planning Compact City, and Mixed Land Use, Amman Developed a master plan that adopt densification concept. Transit Oriented Development (TOD). Mass Transit system is introduced in Amman That is linked to nearby Zarqa City and many to come in the future

12 VMT Reduction strategies
Improve public transit, such as transit services improvements, Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), Light Rail Transport (LRT), Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), etc. Amman BRT and Amman Zarqa BRT and Hopefully LRT to the airport Introduce non-motorized alternatives such as bike infrastructure improve walking environment. New Biking project is currently in process Employ travel demand management such as road pricing (TOLL), high occupancy vehicle (HOV), transit commuters incentive, working hours change. Ideas are under consideration

13 land use Approach TOD TOD Higher Population Density Mixed Land Use
Pedestrian –friendly environment Good Feeder system Reduce trips rates Encourage non-auto travel Increase transit ridership

14 Transit Oriented Development
Integrated Transfer Center For Intercity Bus, City Bus, Mass Rapid Transit (MRT and High Speed Rail (HSR). Higher Density and Mixed Land Use development at or nearby Transfer center. Pedestrian Friendly sidewalk system.

15 Travel Demand Management (TDM)
Reduce Demand Land use approach Telecommunication approach TDM From auto to public Shift demand From peak to off-peak

16 Institutional strategies
Integrate green transport with national transport policy. Ensure the central and local transport and infrastructure funding to advance green transport. Require legislative changes and institutional structures to facilitate coordination and implementation. Provide incentives for good green transport projects. Provide a green transport guidance on planning construction, management and maintenance of transportation projects. A will and Determination is needed but???

17 Green highways Concept
Implement options with less damage to the green landscape. Use recycled materials to build the highway (environmentally friendly) Promote ride sharing and public transport to maximize the use of existing highways. Restore natural drainage path to protect streams channels. Use innovative natural methods to reduce imperviousness

18 Current Actions Towards Green Transport in Jordan
Ministry of transport is participating in the new program on Renewable Energy under the component of: Provision of energy services across developmental sector Energy saving equipment installation at stations of the new BRT project Amman-Zarqa. Major bus terminals/stations (44) to be rehabilitated to accommodate energy saving facilities & set up. (piloting). Enforcement unit for regulations that saves energy to be established within LTRC. Solar system installation at Ministry of transport premises for renewable energy.

19 conclusion To re-evaluate the focus and priority of strategies.
To establish the institutional system including legal base, funding support and implementation, have to be clearly and firmly determined. To reach consensus through campaigning and communicating with leaders and stakeholders in all areas. To build data and tools to provide green transport information

20 Thank you

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