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Cobb Middle School 7 th & 8 th Grade Parent Meeting.

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1 Cobb Middle School 7 th & 8 th Grade Parent Meeting

2 Cobb Administrators & Counselors Principal Phil Evans Assistant Principals Stephanie Janes (Alpha A-K) Tricia Boswell (Alpha L-Z) Couneslors Sharla Guess (Alpha A-K) Leslie Warstler (Alpha L-Z)

3 Choose Carefully! All courses are year-long commitments Rank elective choices ◦“1-5” for 8 th grade; “1-4” for 7 th grade ◦1 for first choice, 2 for second choice, etc.

4 Required Core Courses 7 th Grade Texas History Integrated Language Arts: ◦ILA 7 ◦Pre AP ILA 7  Summer reading required Science: ◦Science 7 ◦Pre AP Science 7 Math: ◦Math 7 ◦Pre AP Math 7 8 th Grade US History Integrated Language Arts: ◦ILA 8 ◦Pre AP ILA 8  Summer reading required Science: ◦Science 8 ◦Pre AP Science 8 Math: ◦Math 8 ◦Pre Math 8 ◦Pre AP Algebra (more details to come)

5 Summer Reading Pre AP Integrated Language Arts 6 th Grade: My Life in Dog Years by Gary Paulsen 7 th Grade: Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick 8 th Grade: The Messenger by Lois Lowry GT Integrated Language Arts 6 th Grade: Stargirl by Jerry Spinneli 7 th Grade: One title from the 2014 Lone Star Reading List 8 th Grade: The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien

6 Physical Education Course Options (Required for 7 th grade) Choose one of the following: ◦Boys Athletics (Football and/or Basketball) ◦Girls Athletics (Volleyball and/or Basketball) ◦Tennis ◦ You must make the competition ladder by the end of the first semester in order to remain for the spring semester. ◦ Please refer to the Cobb Athletics portion of the website for more details about tennis levels. ◦PE ◦Partners PE (application and space available) *If you are only planning to participate in Soccer, Cross Country, Track, or cheerleading you DO NOT need to sign up for athletics

7 Elective Courses Spanish *Changed from previous years ◦7 th grade year will be Exploratory Spanish and will prepare you for the high school course. We highly recommend you take this class if you want to take Spanish in 8 th grade. ◦8 th grade will be Spanish I and will count toward your High School GPA (Grade point average)

8 7 th & 8 th Grade Fine Art Electives Art I Art II (pre-requisite Art 6) Art III (8 th only) Theater I Theater II (pre- requisite Theater 6) Theater III (8 th only) Theater Production (audition only) Technical Theater Choir Band Beginning Band (6 th /7 th ) Band A Band B Band C Orchestra Beginning (6 th /7 th ) Orchestra A Orchestra B Orchestra C Band & Orchestra Directors will determine placement into the different levels

9 Other Electives 7 th & 8 th grade Multimedia/Video Production I Multimedia/Video Production II (8 th only) Robotics Digital Graphics & Animation Broadcast (application and audition required – 8 th only) Yearbook (application required) Skills for Independent Living I Skills for Independent Living II (8 th only)

10 8 th Grade only – NO Prerequisite work required: Office Aide/ Library Aide (application required) Health/Teen Leadership (combination class) High school credit given for Health ONLY and will count towards HS GPA Each class is one semester in length Health is required for High School graduation If you are considering the Health/Medical pathway at the CTE center for high school, you should NOT take Health in middle school as the Health Science class will count for your HS Health credit. (see CTE center pathways in the high school course guide) You can also take Health in summer school before 9 th grade and any other summer before graduation. The class is also offered as an on-line course.

11 8th Grade Electives that require Pre-Requisite work in 6 th or 7 th grade Art III - Requires Art 6 & Art II Skills for Independent Living II - requires Skills for Independent Living I Multimedia II/ Video Production II - requires M/VP I Broadcast - requires Multimedia/Video Production & application

12 Electives that Require Applications All due March 6th Yearbook - Application from Mr. Mullins in C118 ◦Requires teacher recommendations Broadcast – Applications from Coach Troupe Prerequisite of: Multimedia/Video Production I in 7 th grade Office Aide – Applications in front office. Due to Ms. Davis (receptionist) Partner’s PE – Applications in the front office. Due to Ms. Davis Library Aide – Applications in library. Due to Mrs. Meeks (librarian) Theater Production – Auditions with Mr. Dennis Art III – Applications from Ms. Sullivan. Due to Ms. Sullivan

13 Student Registration Information This is information can be found on the back of the course card: Pre-AP, Pre-AP Algebra I, Pre-AP Geometry and Spanish Expectations High School Credit Course Expectations Instruction to Support Future Academic Success (all grade levels) Schedule Changes Elective Course Selection

14 Now what? Be sure to fill out every section and choices Turn in applications to the appropriate teachers (if applicable) Schedule pick-up will be the week before school starts For Incoming 7 th : ◦Course Card (DUE Feb. 20 th OR Feb. 23 rd with parent signature to MRS. BRINLEE) ◦See letter from Nurse Hodgkiss that was passed out last week (if applicable) For Incoming 8 th : ◦Course Card (DUE Feb. 20 th OR Feb. 23 rd with parent signature to your TEXAS HISTORY TEACHER) Be sure to sign FRONT and BACK of course card.

15 Contact Information: Sharla Guess: Alpha A-K Leslie Warstler: Alpha L-Z

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