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7 TH G RADE R EGISTRATION Ms. Guess (Alpha A-K) Mrs. Eberle (Alpha L-Z)

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1 7 TH G RADE R EGISTRATION Ms. Guess (Alpha A-K) Mrs. Eberle (Alpha L-Z)

2 C HOOSE C AREFULLY ! All courses are year-long commitments. You can not change your schedule after the beginning of the year! Make sure to fill in your alternate choices listed as 3 & 4!

3 R EQUIRED C ORE C OURSES Texas History ILA 7 or Pre AP ILA 7 Required Summer reading assignment for Pre-AP Pre-AP: Drums, Girls, & Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick GT ILA – Choose 1 book from the 2014 Lone Star Reading List Science 7 or Pre AP Science 7 Math 7 or Pre AP Math 7

4 R EQUIRED P HYSICAL E DUCATION C OURSE O PTIONS Choose one of the following: Boys Athletics (Football and/or Basketball) Girls Athletics (Volleyball and/or Basketball) PE Tennis You must make the competition ladder by the end of the first semester in order to remain for the spring semester. Partners PE – write in on your card if interested and pick up an application in the front office DUE March 7 th. Limited spots available, teacher recommendations will also be used to determine admission. *If you are only planning to participate in Soccer, Cross Country, or Track – sign up for PE or Tennis NOT Athletics Cheerleading: After school try-outs and practices are before and after school. Mandatory meeting has already passed.

5 E LECTIVE C OURSES Spanish 7 th grade year will be Exploratory Spanish and will prepare you for the high school course. We highly recommend you take this class if you want to take Spanish in 8 th grade. 8 th grade will be Spanish I and will count toward your High School GPA (Grade point average)

6 F INE A RTS Art I Art II (pre-requisite Art 6) Theater I Theater II (pre-requisite Theater 6) Technical Theater

7 F INE A RTS C ONTINUED Band (placement will be determined by band director) Beginning Symphonic Concert Orchestra (placement will be determined by orchestra director) Beginning Symphonic Choir

8 C OMPUTER S CIENCE & OTHER E LECTIVES Multimedia/Video Production I Robotics Digital Graphics & Animation Yearbook (application required) Go to Mr. Mullins website and look for Yearbook Application..Click to apply on-line! DUE MARCH 8th 2 year commitment Skills for Independent Living

9 7 TH & 8 TH G RADE C LASSES THAT REQUIRE P RE -R EQUISITE WORK IN 6 TH OR 7 TH GRADE : Symphonic & Concert Band - require Beginning Band Intermediate & Advanced Orchestra - require Beginning Orchestra Theater II - require Theater I or Theater 6 Art II - Requires Art 6 or Art I

10 8 TH G RADE C LASSES THAT REQUIRE P RE -R EQUISITE WORK IN 7 TH GRADE : Art III - Requires Art 6 & Art II Skills for Independent Living II - requires Skills for Independent Living I Mulimedia II/ Video Production II - require M/VP I Broadcast - requires Multimedia/Video Production

11 R EMINDER FROM N URSE H ODGKISS Nurse Hodgkiss MUST have your current shot records in order for you to pick up your 7 th grade schedule!!! Everyone will receive a letter with your schedule card. The letter will let you know if you are current on your shots or if you still need to get any before 7 th grade.

12 N OW WHAT ? Show the following items to your parents: Course Card (DUE March 7 with parent signature to MRS. BRINLEE) Note from Nurse Hodgkiss (if applicable) Course guides, which will be available on the Cobb website under Counselor’s Corner ***You must pass your STAAR tests in order to receive your elective choices*** Parent Meeting during Open House – March 4 th

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