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FSA & EOC Parent Night Norman S. Edelcup/ Sunny Isles Beach K-8 2014-2015.

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1 FSA & EOC Parent Night Norman S. Edelcup/ Sunny Isles Beach K-8 2014-2015

2 What FSA Subject Area Test will my child take? ReadingWritingMathScience 3 4 5 6- 7 8

3 FSA English Language Arts (Not Including the Writing Component) *All sessions administered over two days. Grade/ SubjectProposed TimeNumber of Sessions* Computer-Based in 2015? 3160 minutes2No 4160 minutes2No 5160 minutes2Yes 6170 minutes2Yes 7170 minutes2Yes 8170 minutes2Yes 9180 minutes2Yes 10180 minutes2Yes 11180 minutes2Yes

4 When is the FSA and EOC?  March 9, 2015 (FSA CB Writing)  April 13, 2015 (FCAT Science)  April 21-22, 2015 (FSA Reading- 2 day session)  May 1 and 4, 2015 (FSA Math- 2 day session)  May 5-6, 2015 (EOC: Algebra- 2 day session)  May 7-8, 2015 (EOC: Geometry- 2 day session)

5 FCAT Science Content Categories PHYSICAL SCIENCE 29% EARTH & SPACE SCIENCE 29% LIFE SCIENCE 25% NATURE OF SCIENCE 17% describes matter & its properties identifies atoms, elements, mixtures, & compounds explains energy, its forms & interaction with matter explains motion & identifies force explains weather systems recognizes rocks & minerals describes the solar system & universe explains Earth’s changes over time identifies & explains plants, animals, & life processes recognizes the importance of conservation of natural resources describes the interactions of plants, animals, & the environment applies scientific approaches to problem solving recognizes patterns & systems within nature recognizes the impact of technology on society

6 FCAT Science The Science FCAT is comprehensive and covers all the topics taught in 6 th, 7 th, and 8 th grade science. It will determine placement in high school classes. We offer a free workshop for students to practice and review for FCAT science every Thursday from 3:15-4:15 in Room 516.

7 What happens if students do not pass the EOC?  If a student does not pass the EOC, he or she will not receive credit for the course.

8 Florida Standards information site 

9 9 Transition from FCAT to FSA Assessments Assessments in 2012-13, and 2013-14 Assessments in 2014-15 FCAT 2.0 Reading Grades 3 to 10FSA English Language Arts Grades 3 to 11 FCAT 2.0 Writing Grades 4, 8, 10FSA English Language Arts Writing Component Grades 4 to 11 FCAT 2.0 Mathematics Grades 3 to 8 FSA Mathematics Grades 3 to 8

10 KEY SHIFTS  The LAFS standards address KEY SHIFTS in English Language Arts: Regular practice with complex texts and their academic language Reading, writing, and speaking grounded in evidence from texts, both literary and informational Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction  NOTE: The Language Arts Florida Standards are an adoption of the Common Core Standards  For the full standards, visit: and click on Parents & Families

11 Changes in Student Expectations The Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) developed by the American Institutes for Research (AIR) demand students…  maintain an increased sense of accountability toward their own learning  develop a concept beyond an opinion and move to “support and evidence”  think in a more conceptual, analytical and global manner  utilize higher-order, critical thinking skills  shift from mere memorization of terms to a deep understanding of meaning  transfer skills to new experiences  operate in a more student-centered environment with built in peer collaboration 11

12 Passage Example English Language Arts FSA

13 Example for ELA FSA

14 Example Question for ELA FSA



17 ELA Writing Assessment The FSA ELA has a Text-Based Writing Component that is administered separately from the rest of the FSA ELA March 9, 2015 Reported as part of the ELA score. It is administered earlier to allow time for hand scoring.

18 New FSA Writing Component  The FSA ELA includes the Text-Based Writing Component, administered separately from the rest of FSA ELA to allow time for hand scoring; will be reported as part of a single ELA score.  Writing component will be computer based for 8 th grade.  Students will have up to 120 minutes to complete the essay.  Students will be faced with either an argumentative or informative/explanatory prompt

19 MS FSA Writing Test specifications: students will receive 2-4 texts with a combined word count of 1000-1600 words.

20 Practice Tests  For more information on FSA Assessments, please visit essments/k-12-student- assessment/fsa.stml essments/k-12-student- assessment/fsa.stml content/uploads/2014/06/FL_PT_QuickGuide _10-8-142.pdf content/uploads/2014/06/FL_PT_QuickGuide _10-8-142.pdf

21 How can parents help?  Make sure your child attends school regularly and is on time. This is extremely important, especially during testing days.  Stress the importance and relevance of reading in their daily lives (present and future)  Enroll your child in after-school tutoring if available  Meet with your child’s teacher to discuss his or her progress.  Make sure that your child is well rested on school days, especially on test days.

22 Students should…  Read each question carefully  Read each answer completely- the first part of the answer might be correct, but not the end of the answer  Know there is no penalty for guessing. Therefore, it is best to try to answer all questions  Find the answer to the question in the passage. Look for the answer in the MC responses (90% chance of getting it right)  Make sure your answer is based on information in the passage and not on something you read elsewhere or opinions  Understand feelings and emotions

23 Students should…  Quickly look over the entire test before starting.  Read the directions carefully.  Watch the clock; budget time carefully.  Don’t try to finish first.  Mark difficult questions and come back to them later.  Proofread answers before turning in test.

24 Thank you for your continued dedication in your child’s education!

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