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M ANDARIN O AKS E LEMENTARY S CHOOL Florida Standards Assessments.

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1 M ANDARIN O AKS E LEMENTARY S CHOOL Florida Standards Assessments

2 T HE F LORIDA S TANDARDS W HY A RE W E C HANGING ? Emphasize success in college and careers Prepare students with 21 st century skills Provide more rigorous content and application of knowledge Place emphasis on critical and analytical thinking Establish clear, consistent guidelines for instruction

3 T HE F LORIDA S TANDARDS W HAT S UBJECTS A RE I NCLUDED ? Language Arts Florida Standards (LAFS) and Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS) provide a clear set of goals and expectations Define what students should know and be able to do at each grade level – kindergarten through grade 12 Science will continue under the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards using FCAT 2.0

4 T HE F LORIDA S TANDARDS W HAT D O T HEY M EAN F OR T EACHING AND L EARNING ? Regular practice- complex text & academic language Reading, writing, listening and speaking grounded in evidence from text Real-world applications Build knowledge through content-rich non-fiction text Deeper understanding of mathematical concepts Builds habits of mind of productive mathematical thinkers Real-world applications Modeling with pictures, technology, graphs, manipulatives LAFS (Language Arts Fl. Standards) MAFS (Math Florida Standards)

5 C HANGES IN S TUDENT E XPECTATIONS The Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) developed by the American Institutes for Research (AIR) demand students… maintain an increased sense of accountability toward their own learning develop a concept beyond an opinion and move to “support and evidence” think in a more conceptual, analytical and global manner utilize higher-order, critical thinking skills shift from mere memorization of terms to a deep understanding of meaning operate in a more student-centered environment with built in peer collaboration transfer skills to new experiences 5

6 6 Transition from FCAT to FSA Assessments Assessments in 2013-14Assessments in 2014-15 FCAT 2.0 Reading Grades 3 to 10FSA English Language Arts Grades 3 to 11 FCAT 2.0 Writing Grades 4, 8, 10FSA English Language Arts Writing Component Grades 4 to 11 FCAT 2.0 Math Grades 3 to 8FSA Math Grades 3 to 8

7 T HE F LORIDA S TANDARDS W HAT A BOUT THE N EW A SSESSMENTS ? LAFS and MAFS will be assessed with the new Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) Spring 2015 administration of elementary school assessments will include: English Language Arts (ELA): Grades 3-5* ELA Writing Component: Grades 4-5 Mathematics: Grades 3- 5* * 5 th grade will have Computer-Based Testing for all of these assessments

8 A SSESSMENT C ALENDAR DateGradeAssessment March 23 - April 10 3 & 4FSA English Language Arts March 23 - April 10 3 & 4FSA Mathematics April 13 – May 8 5FSA ELA & Math


10 R ESPONSE M ECHANISMS Multiple choice Multi Select Hot Text (Requires the student to select either words or phrases from the text that provide details to support their answer.) Two-part Hot Text Open Response (written response) Multiple choice Multi Select Written Table Response Graph Response Open Response (written response) Language Arts Math





15 Passage Example: English Language Arts FSA

16 E XAMPLE Q UESTION FOR ELA FSA This is an example of a multi-select question

17 E XAMPLE Q UESTION FOR ELA FSA This is an example of a Two-part Hot Text Question

18 E XAMPLE Q UESTION FOR ELA FSA This is an example of a open response question

19 S CORING State law requires 3 rd grade students to pass the reading portion of the FSA with a proficient score. The success a student has achieved with the Florida Standards will be assessed and is described by Achievement Levels that range from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). Level 3 indicates satisfactory performance. The level of performance required to score in each Achievement Level will be established prior to spring 2016 administration.


21 P RACTICE T ESTS content/uploads/2014/06/FL_PT_QuickGuide_10-8- 142.pdf The purpose of these training tests is to become familiar with the system, functionality, and item types; the tests are not intended to guide classroom instruction. Descriptions and response instructions for each item type are included in the Training Test User Guide that may be accessed in the “Resources” pages of this portal. Users should refer to the tutorials or the guide to familiarize themselves with the different features and response instructions for each item type.


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