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Orange County Public Schools Read2Succees Presentation April 2015.

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1 Orange County Public Schools Read2Succees Presentation April 2015

2 Orange County Public Schools “It is hard for an empty bag to stand upright.” ~Benjamin Franklin

3 Orange County Public Schools Beginning with the End in Mind OCPS will be the top producer of successful students in the nation.

4 Orange County Public Schools “We are prepared by our past.”

5 Orange County Public Schools What do you remember about your own school experience?

6 Orange County Public Schools The job market is changing… 1900’s in New York 2014 Street sweeper Package & message delivery Factory Worker Lamp workers App/software developer Computer systems analyst Market Research analysts

7 Orange County Public Schools School is changing to meet the demands Language Arts Florida Standards (LAFS) and Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS) were both approved by the Florida Board of Education on February 18, 2014

8 Orange County Public Schools New Standards are a Step Forward Creativity is Back in Classrooms Deep Dives- Enduring Understanding/Concept-based Learning. Increased Rigor-Critical Thinking Collaboration-21 st Century Problem Solving Skills Equity for All College or Career Readiness Source: NEA Today

9 Orange County Public Schools Strands Reading Literature & Reading Informational Reading Foundational Skills Speaking & Listening Language Writing In grades 6-12 –literacy standards in Social Studies, Science and other technical subjects

10 Orange County Public Schools Where are the Changes? Kindergarten – added additional wording in 3 standards First Grade – no changes Second Grade – changed wording in 2 standards and added handwriting Third – Fifth Grade - changed wording in 3 standards and added cursive handwriting

11 Orange County Public Schools Standards Shifts for: Teachers Increase rigor of content Facilitator of learning for all students Guide student practice, followed by the necessary support, as students take on more independence with tasks Share the ownership for text understanding in all content areas Develop a more student-centered environment with built in peer collaboration Find new ways of teaching critical thinking skills 11 Students Accountable toward their own learning Develop a concept and support with evidence Think in a more conceptual, analytical global manner Utilize higher-order, critical thinking skills Shift from memorization of terms to a deep understanding of meaning Transfer skills to new experiences

12 Orange County Public Schools 12 High School Graduate 900 Arts, AV Tech and Communication 1200 Health Services and Public Safety 1300 Scientific Research and Engineering 1500 Agriculture and Natural Resources 1510 Reading Lexile Levels Needed for Employment

13 Orange County Public Schools “There’s nothing wrong with a wrench, but it won’t fix a computer.”

14 Orange County Public Schools Shift #1 Increased access to content-rich nonfiction text –50/50 in elementary school –70/30 by the time they are in high school

15 Orange County Public Schools Shift #2 Reading, writing, speaking & listening with evidence grounded in the text Example: In “Casey at the Bat,” Casey strikes out. Describe a time when you failed at something. VS What makes Casey’s experiences at bat humorous?

16 Orange County Public Schools Shift #3 Regular practice with complex text and academic language –Read aloud together as a family –Take trips to the museum and the library –Take virtual trips on the computer

17 Orange County Public Schools Make me think critically, not just memorize Make me defend my position Make me analyze and research Make sure we are all ready

18 Orange County Public Schools Teaching and Learning Focused Florida Standards (based on the CCSS) Instructional Strategies (Marzano) Digital Curriculum Tools What… How… Major Tool Why…Why… College and Career Readiness

19 Orange County Public Schools Foundations Access Goal College & Career Ready Advanced Placement, IB and AICE course selection Supports for students academic success AVID & Destination College Career pathways & academic course pairings Starting conversations early about college and career readiness with students and families Rigorous Curriculum

20 Orange County Public Schools LAFS and MAFS Scope and Sequence Unit Plan (MTP) Lesson Plans New Florida Standards

21 Orange County Public Schools Resources: (Resources for parents and families tab) – Parent brochures by grade level – Read the standards – Register for the “Just for Parents” Newsletter

22 Orange County Public Schools Knowledge is Power The Florida Standards (formerly known as the Common Core State Standards) were adopted on February 18, 2014 by the State Board of Education after public input. Many websites provide information to become more aware of what the CCSS are and what they mean to our children’s future. Fast facts about the Common Core State Standards: The LAFS and MAFS are challenging standards that will help students gain the knowledge and skills to think and work at deeper levels to prepare them for college and career. The new standards build students ability to think critically about their math concepts and what they read, help them apply and connect what they learn to the real world, expose them to creative problem solving and allow them to communicate their ideas and arguments through speaking and writing.

23 Orange County Public Schools



26 Results = Top Producer of Successful (College and Career Ready) Students

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