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Composition and Technique

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1 Composition and Technique
Photography Composition and Technique

2 There are many different ways to take a good picture…
In this presentation we will explore just 10 photography techniques you can try when taking your own pictures.

3 Rule of Thirds Imagine your image is divided into 9 equal segments by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines. Try to place important elements in photo along these lines or where the lines intersect. This creates more balance for a more interesting photo.

4 Balancing Elements 。Try balancing the ‘weight’ of the main subject of your photo with other lesser important objects. 。For example, the house here is the main subject, but the trees and clouds balance the ‘weight’ of the photo.

5 Leading Lines Our eyes are naturally drawn to lines.
Lines leading to your subject create a more interesting composition for the photo. Think of how you can incorporate lines, (straight, diagonal, curvy or zigzag) that lead your viewers eyes to the subject of your photo.

6 Symmetry and Patterns Symmetry and Patterns are very interesting to the eye. Try finding patterns in nature or man-made buildings. Try taking pictures of things that repeat.

7 Viewpoint Think about the place you will shoot your picture from before taking it. Consider photographing from above, down at ground level, from the side, from the back, from far away, or from close up. For example, this picture is taken on the reflection of water.

8 Background Pay attention to the background in your picture. Make sure that it is not too overpowering and distracting from the main subject of your photo.

9 Depth Create depth in your photos by including objects in the foreground, middle ground and/or background. Try overlapping images in your photo.

10 Framing There are plenty of natural frames you can place around your main subject to draw attention to it and separate it from the outside world within your photo. Try framing your subject under trees, within doorways, windows, or other natural frames.

11 Cropping Cropping allows you to take out the unnecessary distractions of an image so your audience can focus on the main subject of the photo alone. The main subject becomes very obvious because it is the only subject of the photo.

12 Experimentation 。Experiment with some of your own ideas for photography composition. 。Try something new and different . For example, try taking a picture of the water’s reflection like in this picture to the right. Now go out and practice! Try to incorporate some of these new ideas for composition into your own photography, and come up with your own new ideas as well!

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