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Principles of Composition More Ways to Make Photos Look Good.

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1 Principles of Composition More Ways to Make Photos Look Good

2 Photographs that stand out from the crowd usually have three elements in common: – good subject – good lighting – good composition

3 This week we will talk more about the composition of your photographs. What follows are several principles that can help make your photographs look better. Like the principles of design, it is possible for, and better if, your photograph contains a few of these principles at once.

4 Center of interest A photograph should have a strong focal point, or subject. Determine what it is before composing your photo. This does NOT mean that the subject is in the center of the frame!!

5 Subject Off Center Place a subject slightly off-center rather than in the middle of a photo (see The Rule of Thirds)

6 Subject off center The subject of this photograph is the tall tower, which is off centered. It is on the right side of the photograph.

7 Foreground Objects Include an interesting object in the foreground of a scene. It adds depth, dimension and point of reference.

8 Foreground Objects This photograph includes a mass of ice in the foreground that surrounds the field of view.

9 Vary Angles Shoot at varying angles to capture a subject from a different viewpoint. Move the camera higher or lower than you usually do.

10 Vary Angles This photograph was taken close to the ground and angled up so that it could include the child and still contain some interesting background.

11 Framing Framing a subject by zooming or moving closer draws attention to it.

12 Framing The photographer zoomed in on this frog so that it would stand out as the subject.

13 Reflections Adds an interesting, sometimes abstract, look to a photo.

14 Reflections The car is reflected in the puddle making the photo more interesting than just the dead winter background could provide.

15 THE RULE OF THIRDS The Rule of Thirds is a principle of composition used for centuries by painters, photographers and other artists. The underlying principle is quite easy to understand and apply.

16 THE RULE OF THIRDS When using the Rule of Thirds, the main subject is placed off center, away from the middle of the frame. As a result, photos often look more dynamic and interesting.

17 The Rule of Thirds The rule envisions two horizontal and two vertical lines trisecting an image with four intersecting points. You place your main subject where the lines intersect rather than centered in the frame.

18 Rule of Thirds

19 The Rule of Thirds


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