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Five rules to always consider when taking pictures.

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1 Five rules to always consider when taking pictures.

2 1.) Rule of Thirds  Divide your photograph into thirds, both vertically and horizontally. Your subject matter should fall into one of the intersecting point on the grid. Your picture will be weighted to the left, right, top or bottom.

3 Student Examples of Rule of Thirds

4 2.) Focal Point  The main focus of a photograph. The area of the image which draws the most attention. Sharp in focus images in the foreground.

5 Student Examples of Focal Point

6 3.) Framing Framing is used to direct the viewers attention to a particular subject in the photograph. Framing is caused when two objects encase the main focal point of the image.

7 Student Examples of Framing

8 Diagonal lines draw the viewers eye through the photograph. When lines intersect they give the image depth and perspective. Diagonal lines can add a sense of action and movement to an otherwise still image. 4.) Diagonal

9 Student Examples of Diagonal

10 5.) Leading Lines Lines in a picture plane that draw the viewers attention. They can be directional or scattered. Drawing the viewer toward a single focal point.

11 Student Examples of Leading Lines

12 In your sketchbook:  Please find two photographs that show your understanding of the following 5 compositional rules of Photography.  Rule of Thirds  Focal Point  Framing  Diagonal  Leading Lines Please include a definition for each.

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