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“Turn you Smart phone into Business phone “

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1 “Turn you Smart phone into Business phone “
AGNI “Turn you Smart phone into Business phone “

2 Content Introduction Design Implementation Conclusion

3 Introduction Internet Users and Mobile Users

4 Current Trend Existing handhelds on market are expensive
Does not fit into budget for small companies Licensing problem Not convenient to carry or handle Bad user interface Lacks features Maintenance issues

5 Solution? Why not use your existing smart phones? Cheap to buy
Easy to maintain User friendly interface Tons of features Easily available in market Millions of app available online

6 ANDROID Android delivers a complete set of software for mobile devices: an OS, middleware and key mobile application Open Fast and easy application development Automation Program Application Security

7 Two-way data replication/synchronization technologies for replicating
data through different mechanisms to support occasionally- connected devices MOBILINK Ease of Administration Good Performance “Embeddability” features : self-tuning Cross Platform support Interoperability

8 AGNI Turn your smart phone into business phone
Suitable for small business Platform independent Supports most DBMS Conflict Management system Easily available on android market

9 Design MobiLink DBMS

10 Implementation The handhelds communicate with the mobilink server
Mobilink communicates with DBMS Two way data transfer (DBMS->Handhelds and Handhelds->DBMS ) Mobilink synchronization technology and describes how to replicate data between two or more databases

11 Contd… MobiLink server  : This server manages the synchronization process and provides the interface between all MobiLink clients and the consolidated database server. Consolidated database  : This database typically contains the central copy of your DB in the synchronization system. It also typically holds system tables and procedures that are required by MobiLink synchronization, and state information needed to synchronize.  MobiLink clients  : The client can be installed on a handheld device, a server or desktop computer, or a smartphone Conflict Management Row level tracking Column level tracking

12 Data Sync Management All the transaction on Handhelds are complete
Strict schedule recoverability technique used Session based data transfer :  All changes can be uploaded in a single transaction and downloaded in a single transaction. At the end of each successful synchronization, the consolidated and remote databases are consistent Synchronization is fault tolerant : For example, if a communication link fails during synchronization, both the remote database and the consolidated database are left in a consistent state Failure between upload and download  : The Mobilink automatically rolls back incomplete transactions in the consolidated database Failure during upload  : If the failure occurs while building or applying the upload, the remote database is left in exactly the same state as at the start of synchronization. At the server, any part of the upload that has been applied is rolled back.

13 Contd... Failure during download : When a failure occurs on the remote device while applying the download, any part of the download that has been applied is rolled back and the remote database is left in the same state as before the download. Additional Features (implemented in next release) Print directly the invoice from handheld to any printer on cloud Generate PDF for the invoice

14 Conclusion Turn your smart phones into business phones
Low cost and ease of use Transfer data from anywhere Recovery techniques in case of data loss Conflict management techniques Can handle multiple data transfers Scalable

15 Any Questions ?

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