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XProtect® Expert 2013 Product presentation

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1 XProtect® Expert 2013 Product presentation

2 New member in the XProtect® family
Milestone Systems Confidential

3 Positioning and main value proposition
Unlimited scalability Powerful central management High-performance video recording Situational awareness Automate security tasks and control of external systems A powerful suite of clients XProtect Expert is advanced open platform IP video management software (VMS) for medium- and large-scale installations Milestone Systems Confidential

4 Positioning of XProtect Expert
Features exclusive to XProtect Corporate Distributed surveillance High system availability Multi-stage encrypted video storage Supports XProtect® Smart Wall Advanced features in XProtect Expert Centralized management Multicast Versatile rule engine High-performance Recording Server Edge Storage Bookmarking Milestone Systems Confidential

5 Core system components
Video encoders Camera networks Recording Servers Server network Operators Analog cameras IP cameras Management Server (incl. SQL DB) Event Server System admin.

6 Principle system architecture
Video encoders Camera networks Recording Servers Server network Operators Analog cameras IP cameras Business systems: Microsoft® Active Directory, etc. Milestone Mobile Server Web users Mobile users Pan-tilt-zoom cameras Input/output devices 360° cameras Detectors IP cameras with Edge Storage Audio devices Management Server (incl. SQL DB) Event Server Network storage Milestone Solution Partner Applications, such as video analytics System admin. IP cameras Remote locations Recording Server

7 Powerful central management
Manage all system components through a central user interface Device group management User rights management Microsoft Windows Active Directory integration Central management of XProtect® Smart Client profile System monitor and configuration reports

8 High-performance video recording
Native 64-bit operating system (OS) support Low footprint Recording Servers High-performance video database Dual streaming Multicast support for network bandwidth optimization

9 Edge Storage support Operator Retrieval of video and audio recorded in the camera controlled by Recovery from network failures Time schedule Events, including manual initiation Benefits: Video recording redundancy Enables controlled retrieval of video across low-bandwidth connections (remotely connected cameras, retail shops, etc.) Only retrieve video when and if needed XProtect video database Lost frame 1 2 3 4 3 IP cameras with Edge Storage Edge Storage

10 Situational awareness
Maps: Overview of cameras and security devices Instant access to cameras Control gates, light and other security devices Alarm Manager: Consolidated alarm list for all security and system alarms Direct access to live and playback Easy to validate and clear false alarms Fast and accurate handling of incidents Forwarding and escalation

11 Bookmarking Mark specific sections of video of particular interest
Efficient handling of incidents Share incidents with other users Faster investigations Keep track of bookmarks with the Sequence Explorer

12 Versatile rule engine Enables automation of system and security actions Changes of system behavior (camera and recording properties) Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) control Control of external devices and systems Multiple trigger sources Internal camera and system event External events (analytics, fire alarms, etc.) Operator actions Fixed or daylight-dependent time schedules Automates trivial manual actions Enables customization of XProtect Expert

13 Open platform Widest choice in cameras, giving users the freedom to choose equipment according to their needs and budget Integrate applications and systems, such as video analytics and business applications, with the Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK)

14 The powerful suite of clients
Milestone Mobile 2013 XProtect® Smart Client 2013 XProtect® Web Client 2013

15 XProtect Smart Client XProtect Smart Client is the primary user interface for security operators and other daily users. Its adaptable user interface provides an extremely efficient working environment that can be optimized for different tasks and operator requirements

16 XProtect Web Client Simplified web-based client interface for XProtect VMS that allows users to view, play back and share video from all the most common operating systems and web browsers

17 Milestone Mobile Milestone Mobile is a free application for smartphones and tablets specially designed for the Milestone’s VMS solutions, enabling users to effectively monitor their video from anywhere at any time Available for download on Google Play™ and the App StoreSM Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc. iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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