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Exploring the Blogoshpere Rachael Williams Mooroolbark College.

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1 Exploring the Blogoshpere Rachael Williams Mooroolbark College

2 Blog Creative Writing Collaboration Creative Homework Social Networking Digital Storytelling Tutorial Writing Personal Journal Creative Folio Debate Critical Review

3 What is a Blog? An abbreviation of ‘weblog’ Weblog is a website that maintains an ongoing chronicle of information. Frequently being updated with diary type commentary, possibly linking to articles or websites. icon indicates a RSS feed

4 Advantages of Blogging No need for HTML (web authoring software language) Published anywhere, anytime Collaborative forum – students/teachers/parents Instant audience Reflective Journals Creative Writing

5 Free Blogging Space Global Teacher Edublogs Blogger

6 Step 1: Open – click sign up for FREE

7 Step 2: Enter your details and tick the ‘I agree’ box. To continue click the NEXT button.  Enter a username of your choice.  Enter your email address.  Enter the word FOUR.

8 Step 3: Enter your Blog title, choose your privacy and click the ‘Signup’ button.  Your chosen username will appear as part of your URL (site address).  Enter a Blog title of your choice.  Tick the box if you would like your Blog to appear in search engines.

9 Step 4: This window will appear to prompt you to go to your email address and activate your account.  Your new address will appear here.  Check your chosen email address.

10 Step 5: This Window will appear once you have activated your Blog via your email account. Your username and password will be indicated on this page. Step 6: Click the log on button to enter your site.

11 Step 7: Enter your username and password to log onto your blog.

12 Step 8: Once in the blog dashboard click ‘update your profile or change password’.

13 Step 9: Fill in your details if you wish and change your password. Click ‘Update Profile’

14 Step 10: Select the ‘Presentation’ tab. Scroll through the available themes and click to choose one for your blog.

15 Step 11: Select the ‘Theme Options’ to change your colour scheme if you wish.

16 Step 12: To begin to write click the ‘write tab’. Enter a Post title Add a picture Write your Post

17 Step 13: To save your post click the ‘Save’ button. (this will not publish a post) To publish your post click the ‘Publish’ button. Step 14: To view your blog click the ‘View site’ button.

18 Step 16: For more help using and managing your edublog view the support videos online.

19 Blogging Resources Free Blogging Sites Global Teacher Edublogs Blogger Various Blog Examples Google Blog Search Victorian Education Channel – Blogs Victorian Education Channel Global Teacher – Victorian Teachers ‘How to’ Global Teacher Edublogger World – Social Networking/Education Edublogger World Exploring Australian Blogs – Blog Directory Exploring Australian Blogs Building a Better Blog 31 Days to Building a Better Blog Tom March – Educational Tom March Derek Wenmoth – Educational Derek Wenmoth Bernie Dodge – Educational Bernie Dodge John Pearce – Educational John Pearce

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