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Design a Critter Project Pre-AP Biology Ms. Haut.

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1 Design a Critter Project Pre-AP Biology Ms. Haut

2 Objectives Design a new animal with adaptations best suited to its environment. Explain how your animal’s adaptations help it survive in its habitat.

3 Compare Adaptations hare.jpg

4 Compare Adaptations 931447.jpg

5 Compare Adaptations

6 Project Description 1.Think of adaptations a particular animal would need to better survive in a particular environment. What functions would they serve?

7 Project Description 2.Draw a picture of the animal in its environment. –Any physical adaptations should be depicted in the picture. –Key features of environment must be shown. –Picture must be in color.

8 Project Description 3.Write an essay describing the following –Description of the environment—climate, temperature, plant life, amount of precipitation, amount of sunlight, terrain etc. –Clear description of your animal’s adaptations, including their function

9 Project Description Additional items to consider and determine: –What does your critter eat? How does it obtain its food? –What are its natural predators? –How does it live/survive (daily activities)? –How does it protect itself? –Any seasonal behaviors? –Any differences between males and females? –Adaptations must be realistic to suit the environment. Items not to be considered: –Cannot be a magical creature –Should not be identical to existing animals—you should be creative

10 Determining Project Criteria Roll the die to select the constraints of your project: –Animal type –Whether your animal is a predator or prey species –Habitat Temperature –Amount of precipitation –Habitat type

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