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Interactions Among Living Things

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1 Interactions Among Living Things
How do adaptations help an organism survive? What are competition and predation? What are three types of symbiosis?

2 My Planet Diary- Reading Prompt
Discuss the questions on your packet with your row neighbors. Answer them on the spaces provided. 1. How does the trap-jaw ant’s adaptation help it avoid becoming prey for another organism? 2. What are some adaptation other predators have to capture prey?

3 How do adaptations help organisms survive?
Adaptations are special features or abilities to help an organism escape danger or catch its food. Examples: Camouflage - Hide from predator or prey Warning coloration - Bright colors let predators know you are poisonous. Biolumenesence - A flash of light often produced by bacteria in another animal.

4 Can you find the animal in this photo?

5 What animal is hiding in the sand. (Ms
What animal is hiding in the sand? (Ms. Politano’s LEAST favorite animal)

6 Warning Coloration

7 Bioluminescence!

8 Niches All organisms have a role they play in the environment. This role is called a niche. This role explains: How an organism obtains food and shelter, finds a mate, cares for its young and avoids danger.

9 Competition Vs. Predation
Two members of the same species might occupy the same niche. This can be a reason for Competition. This causes a struggle for survival as they both attempt to use the same limited resources. Predators catch and eat other organisms (prey) for nutrients and survival. This interaction of feeding is called Predation.

10 Competition

11 Predator/Prey Defenses

12 Activity: Making Models
Imagine an ideal predator to capture and eat a porcupine. Draw or describe this new creature and its adaptations to protect itself from the porcupine while trying to feed on it.

13 Symbiotic Relationships
Mutualism- Both organisms benefit from the relationship Commensalism- One organism benefits and one organism is not affected Parasitism- One organism benefits and one organism is harmed

14 Mutualism

15 Commensalism

16 Parasitism

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