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Project Change Management

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1 Project Change Management

2 What is Project Change Management?
Project change management encompasses all of the processes necessary to determine where you are at compared to where you planned to be and the activities required to get back on track if those are not aligned Estimating: approximation of costs Budgeting: aggregating the estimated costs of individual activities or work pkgs to establish a cost baseline Control: influencing the factors that create cost variances and control changes to budget Change Management 10-Dec-08

3 Why is Project Change Management Important?
Projects seldom run exactly according to plan.  Project deliverables must be maintained by carefully and continuously managing changes, either by rejecting changes or by approving changes so those approved changes are incorporated into a revised baseline Enables the project team to identify potential problems in a timely manner and take corrective action, when necessary, to control the execution of the project Ensures the project team and stakeholders have an accurate understanding of what has been completed in the project to-date and what will be delivered in total Planning – which quality standards are relevant and determine how to satisfy them QA – applying the planned quality activities to ensure quality requirements are met QC – monitor project results to determine if they comply to quality standards, ID way to eliminate causes of unsatisfactory performance. Change Management 10-Dec-08

4 Actual vs Planned Determining where you are vs. where you planned to be: Requires project details be documented and approved Documented scope, cost, time, quality, people, other (eg. Charter) Documented details of product / service functionality (eg. Requirements Document) Requires processes and tools to assess performance to determine whether any corrective or preventative actions are indicated, and then recommending those actions as necessary Scope and requirements verification throughout the project Budget tracking and forecasting Task duration tracking Overall project timeline tracking & verification Plan – what to purchase, when and how Contract Planning: Document products, services and results requirement and and ID potential sellers RFI, RFP, RFQ Admin – manage the contract Closure – settle each contract, close Change Management 10-Dec-08

5 Getting Back on Track How can we get on track again?
Identify that a change needs to occur or has occurred Document the complete impact of requested changes Follow approved processes for documenting and approving requested changes Maintain the integrity of baselines by releasing only approved changes for incorporation into project products or services, and maintaining their related configuration and planning documentation Control and update the scope, cost, budget, schedule and quality requirements based upon approved changes, by coordinating changes across the entire project Influence the factors that circumvent integrated change control so that only approved changes are implemented Develop: improve competencies and interaction of team members to enhance project performance Manage: track performance, provide feedback, resolve issues Change Management 10-Dec-08

6 Definitions Project Change Management - a general term describing the procedures used to ensure that changes are introduced in a controlled and coordinated manner. Change Request – Requests to expand or reduce the project scope, modify policies, processes, plans or procedures, modify costs or budgets, or revise schedules. Change Order – Used in some companies to identify approved change requests (change request when the request is made and change order once it has been approved) Change Management 10-Dec-08

7 The PMBOK “Project Management Body of Knowledge”
sum of knowledge within the profession of project management used to document and standardize generally accepted project management information and practices produced by the Project Management Institute revised and reprinted every 4 years – fourth edition is expected to be released shortly Change Management 10-Dec-08

8 PM Knowledge Areas & Process Groups
PM Process Groups / Knowledge Area Processes Initiating Process Group Planning Process Group Executing Process Group Monitoring & Controlling Process Group Closing Process Group Project Management Integration Develop Project Charter Develop Prelim Project Scope Statement Develop Project Management Plan Direct and Manage Project Execution Monitor and Control Project Work Integrated Change Control Close Project Project Scope Management Scope Planning Scope Definition Create WBS Scope Verification Scope Control Project Time Management Activity Definition & Sequencing Resource Estimating Duration Estimating Schedule Development Schedule Control Project Cost Management Cost Estimating Cost Budgeting Cost Control Project Quality Management Quality Planning Perform Quality Assurance Perform Quality Control Project HR Management Human Resources Planning Acquire Project Team Develop Project Team Manage Project Team Project Communications Management Communications Planning Information Distribution Performance Reporting Manage Stakeholders Project Risk Management Risk Management Planning Risk Identification Qualitative / Quantitative Risk Analysis Risk Response Planning Risk Monitoring and Control Project Procurement Management Plan Purchases and Acquisitions Plan Contracting Request Seller Responses Select Sellers Contract Administration Contract Closure Process groups align with UofC metholodogy

9 Process Inputs, Tools & Techniques & Outputs
Scope Verification Process of obtaining stakeholder’s formal acceptance of the completed project scope & deliverables Project scope statement WBS dictionary Project scope mgmt plan Deliverables Inspection Accepted deliverables Requested changes Recommended corrective actions Scope Control Concerned with influencing the factors that create project scope changes & controlling the impact of those changes Performance reports Approved change requests Work performance information Change control system Variance analysis Re-planning Configuration mgmt system Project scope statement updates WBS & WBS dictionary updates Scope baseline updates Recommended corrective action Organizational process assets updates Project mgmt plan updates Schedule Control Concerned with determining current status of schedule, influencing factors that create changes, determining if it has been changed, managing actual changes Schedule mgmt plan Schedule baseline Progress reporting Schedule change control system Performance measurement Project management software Schedule comparison bar charts Schedule model data updates Schedule baseline updates Performance measures Organization process assets updates Activity list updates Activity attributes updates Change Management 10-Dec-08

10 Process Inputs, Tools & Techniques & Outputs
Cost Control Concerned with determining current status of costs, influencing factors that create changes, determining if it has been changed, managing actual changes Cost baseline Project funding requirements Performance reports Work performance information Approved change requests Project Mgmt Plan Cost control system Performance measurement analysis Forecasting Project performance reviews Project management software Variance mgmt Cost estimate updates Cost baseline updates Performance measurements Forecasted completion Requested changes Recommended corrective actions Organizational process assets updates Project mgmt plan updates Perform Quality Control Involved monitoring specific project results to determine whether they comply with quality standards & identifying ways to eliminate causes of unsatisfactory results Quality Mgmt Plan Quality Metrics Quality Checklists Organizational process assets Deliverables Cause and effect diagram Control charts Flowcharting Histogram Pareto charts Run charts Scatter diagram Statistical sampling Inspections Defect repair review Quality control measurements Validated defect repair Quality baseline updates Recommended preventative actions Recommended defect repair Validated deliverables Change Management 10-Dec-08

11 . . . follow process and progress will follow.
In conclusion . . . . . . follow process and progress will follow. Change Management 10-Dec-08

12 or 210-8792
Questions? Contact us at or Visit our web-site at Thank you for coming! Change Management 10-Dec-08

13 The end. Change Management 10-Dec-08

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