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Project Kick-off 14-Jan-09.

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1 Project Kick-off 14-Jan-09

2 Purpose of the Project Kick-off
The project kick-off meeting is the first opportunity a Project Manager has to energize the project team and establish a common purpose toward completing the work. An effective kick-off meeting will ensure that all project team members have an understanding of the project objectives scope and constraints each team members' role and responsibility in the project the high level work plan (deliverables and milestones) how to track their time on the project where project documentation will be located The goal is to get everyone up to speed but not to discuss every item in detail. Project Kick-off 14-Jan-09

3 Project Kick-off Pre-Requisites
The project charter is finalized and signed off. A sufficient budget has been allocated to the project (for the next phase or for the entire project). The project is approved to proceed by the sponsor. A project manager / project lead is assigned. The tasks/activities are defined at a high level and resource requirements have been estimated. Required resources have been formally assigned to the project and have confirmed attendance at the kick-off meeting. Project Kick-off 14-Jan-09

4 Project Kick-off Preparation
Determine the meeting time and place. Create the meeting agenda and distribute it in the meeting invite along with any project documents the team should review prior to the meeting. Create the project presentation using key points from the charter and other project documentation. Create a team contact list. Create a project repository, e.g. a project sharepoint site. Create the project in PM2 for time tracking. Project Kick-off 14-Jan-09

5 At the Kick-off Meeting
Review the project presentation with the team. Pay close attention to the questions being asked. Some issues may be identified that require follow up (do you have the right people, are you missing representation from an area, are there important details that have not been identified). If possible, have the sponsor attend the meeting and provide details on the importance of the project to the University. Review the project framework (ITDDM) to ensure the team understands were the project is at and how it will progress. Provide the project code / name in PM2 and the link to the project repository. Determine how often the team will meet and determine the best day/time of the week to schedule the meetings. Project Kick-off 14-Jan-09

6 After the Meeting Document the meeting minutes and save them in the project repository. Distribute the link to the project repository, identifying the location of the minutes. Schedule the team meetings. Follow up on the items identified at the kick-off meeting. Begin project execution. Project Kick-off 14-Jan-09

7 What if . . . . . . I don’t know who my sponsor is?
. . . I don’t have a charter but have been directed to start the project? . . . the project budget has not been estimated, therefore is not formally approved? . . . I don’t know for sure what resources are required for my project? . . . I am missing key resources but must start the project without them? . . . I am not familiar enough with the project framework (ITDDM) to review it with my team? Project Kick-off 14-Jan-09

8 The PMBOK “Project Management Body of Knowledge”
sum of knowledge within the profession of project management used to document and standardize generally accepted project management information and practices produced by the Project Management Institute revised and reprinted every 4 years – fourth edition has just been released Project Kick-off 14-Jan-09

9 PM Knowledge Areas & Process Groups
PM Process Groups / Knowledge Area Processes Initiating Process Group Planning Process Group Executing Process Group Monitoring & Controlling Process Group Closing Process Group Project Management Integration Develop Project Charter Develop Prelim Project Scope Statement Develop Project Management Plan Direct and Manage Project Execution Monitor and Control Project Work Integrated Change Control Close Project Project Scope Management Scope Planning Scope Definition Create WBS Scope Verification Scope Control Project Time Management Activity Definition & Sequencing Resource Estimating Duration Estimating Schedule Development Schedule Control Project Cost Management Cost Estimating Cost Budgeting Cost Control Project Quality Management Quality Planning Perform Quality Assurance Perform Quality Control Project HR Management Human Resources Planning Acquire Project Team Develop Project Team Manage Project Team Project Communications Management Communications Planning Information Distribution Performance Reporting Manage Stakeholders Project Risk Management Risk Management Planning Risk Identification Qualitative / Quantitative Risk Analysis Risk Response Planning Risk Monitoring and Control Project Procurement Management Plan Purchases and Acquisitions Plan Contracting Request Seller Responses Select Sellers Contract Administration Contract Closure Project Kick-off 14-Jan-09

10 . . . follow process and progress will follow.
In conclusion . . . . . . follow process and progress will follow. Project Kick-off 14-Jan-09

11 or 210-8792
Questions? Contact us at or Visit our web-site at Next PMCP: Outcome Plans Wed, Feb 11, 2009 Thank you for coming! Project Kick-off 14-Jan-09

12 The end. Project Kick-off 14-Jan-09

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