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Group Meeting for the Utility Industry: Networking and Upcoming Events after the ASUG Annual Conference.

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2 Group Meeting for the Utility Industry: Networking and Upcoming Events after the ASUG Annual Conference

3 USIG Events and Opportunities The Utility Special Interest Group within the America SAP Users Group –Features and Benefits of Membership Introduction of the USIG Leadership Team for 2002 – 2003 Next steps for USIG members –The Value Proposition for volunteers Leadership and Collaborative opportunities in USIG for 2003 – 2004 Networking and Education objectives for upcoming year –Conduct annual USIG meeting, October 2003, in Phoenix AZ –Coordinate meeting in conjunction with the Plant Maintenance

4 What the Utility Group Offers You Education and Networking –Utility Group Forum (next: Nov. 2003 in Phoenix, AZ) –ASUG Education Website updates, Web casts, Teleconferences, ASUG Forums, Speakers Bureau, ASUG Annual Conference & Vendor Fair –Opportunities to collaborate using the latest communication technologies Discussion forums Initiatives –C-Business Map development –C-Folder portal on the SAP website Influence –The ASUG Influence Model: Influence Councils for Influencing SAP Development

5 How You Benefit from USIG Involvement The USIG provides members direct access to: –Colleagues with similar interests and workplace challenges, with opportunities to collaborate on common utility processes –Website-based open discussion forum on a variety of SAP and utility subjects –Year-round community offering educational, networking and influencing opportunities via –SAP representatives and resources –Dedicated web page for Utility Group, with information and current utility news from USIG leadership –Group- & SIG- specific e-mail notifications and updates on the latest developments and events

6 Next Steps for USIG Members Participate in ASUG discussion forum for utilities and the influence process Prepare to attend the USIG annual forum in Phoenix AZ –Suggest topics, volunteer to present on best-practice processes, invite colleagues to attend. Participate on the USIG Leadership Team and/or Focus Groups Collaborate on the Utility Solution through C-Business Map development for common utility processes –Using SAP C-Folder web portal and SAP free software Solution Composer

7 Group Leadership 2002-2003 Matt Rickard NB Power Group Chair Kevin Engler Nebraska Public Power District Influence Coordinator Scott Johnson PG&E Co. Program Coordinator Ad hoc Influence Committee It’s time to choose new leaders for 2003 - 2004! Volunteer!!

8 The Value Proposition for Group Volunteers The success of the USIG is made possible through your energy and efforts. Volunteer to: Obtain the most benefit from your company’s membership Expand your network of contacts Be acknowledged as an expert in the SAP community Be recognized within your company by ASUG

9 USIG Initiative: C-Business Maps for the Utility Solution

10 USIG Initiative on C-Business Maps: Drill–down on the Industry Solution Work Order Planning and Execution

11 USIG Initiative: Collaboratively Create C-Business Maps

12 Mark Your Calendars ! 2003 ASUG Forum on Utilities November 5 – 7, 2003 Phoenix, Arizona Call for Speakers available NOW! Visit The Utilities page on the ASUG website for more information. Upcoming: 2003 USIG Forum

13 The USIG Web Page: For News, Events and Initiatives

14 Questions and Answers Keep abreast of current changes at For USIG questions, contact: Matt Rickard, NB Power (506) 458-4292 Scott Johnson, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (530) 894-4767 ASUG at or 312.321.5142

15 SAP Developments Updates from the SAP Utility Industry team of experts! And now we present…

16 Thank you for attending! Please remember to complete and return your evaluation form following this session. Session Code: [Insert Session Code]

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