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Profit from the cloud TM Parallels Dynamic Infrastructure AndOpenStack.

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1 Profit from the cloud TM Parallels Dynamic Infrastructure AndOpenStack

2 2 Profit from the cloud TM Dynamic Infrastructure Parallels Cloud Storage Virtualization ContainerVM Virtualization Dynamic Infrastructure Automation & Orchestration ContainerVMContainerVM Hardware Internal InfrastructureUser ServicesOther… Hosted Desktop Enabled Services 400+ APS Apps SaaSCloud VPS Application Containers Virtual Datacenter More… Parallels Automation

3 3 Profit from the cloud TM Parallels Cloud Server Parallels Cloud Storage Optimized for running virtual environments Create cloud storage pool from existing, unused disk space Highly scalable and elastic High performance, high availability servers Instant live server migration Non-disruptive replication Parallels Containers More efficient memory caching reduces I/O and memory bottlenecks New container layout enables easy migration and backup Rebootless updates eliminate service outage during updates Parallels Hypervisor Virtualization OS flexibility Bare metal installation Parallels ContainersParallels Hypervisor

4 4 Profit from the cloud TM Two main types of virtualization Operating System Virtualization Containers High density - 3X hypervisors High performance Cloud Ready o Elastic – easily scale up and down o Instant-on provisioning o Ideally suited for PaaS/SaaS applications Hardware Virtualization Hypervisors or Virtual Machines Higher overhead = lower density Allow different operating systems on the physical server

5 5 Profit from the cloud TM Profit from the cloud ™ | 5 Density Test Results Benefits: PCS file caching greatly improves density for typical applications Now your containers run on maximum density regardless of users updating the software and whether applications were “templated” Density result Response time in seconds

6 6 Profit from the cloud TM Profit from the cloud ™ | 6 LAMP Benchmark – Test Results Parallels Containers improved by 11% over previous version of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.7 Parallels Containers outperform: KVM up to 250%, Citrix Xen up to 350% Parallels Hypervisor outperform: KVM up to 90%, Citrix Xen up to 140%

7 7 Profit from the cloud TM Lots of Unused Disk Space – Locked to Servers Average total capacity ~1 TB per server Average unused capacity is about 2/3 Avg = 37% *Results from Nov 11 survey of 6 large service providers

8 8 Profit from the cloud TM Profit from the cloud ™ | 8 Parallels Cloud Storage implementation

9 9 Profit from the cloud TM Performance comparison PCS Faster Than HW SAN up to 8x on random writes 5x on random reads

10 10 Profit from the cloud TM Built for efficiency Advanced Resource Management Support multiple VPS and Cloud server packages at varying levels of CPU, memory, disk I/O and storage space. On-the-fly virtual environment elasticity Enables flexibility for customers and ease of upgrading for service providers. Immediate provisioning and activation The fastest availability time for new VPS and Cloud server subscriptions, allowing your customers to add new services instantly. Application templates Automate the rapid deployment and configuration of applications into virtual servers enabling you to easily extend existing services. Comprehensive integration Third party systems are enabled with command line and API interfaces, simplifying the complete automation of delivering and billing. Performance and resource isolation Enable service providers to guarantee SLAs and provide highly reliable and secure virtual servers.

11 11 Profit from the cloud TM Billing ( Ceilometer)) Billing ( Ceilometer)) Billing (Parallels Automation) Billing (Parallels Automation) Parallels additions to OpenStack Compute Nova Network Neutron Storage Cinder Image Glance OpenStack API User and Admin Panels (Horizon) User and Admin Panels (Horizon) Xen Vmware HyperV KVM Docker Other Services Via API Other Services Via API Parallels Panels (PA and PPA) Parallels Panels (PA and PPA) PCS APS Packaging Application Catalogue APS Packaging Application Catalogue Container Net PStorage

12 12 Profit from the cloud TM Other Parallels sessions How does the kernel stack up against OpenStack? James Bottomley – CTO of Virtualization Tuesday 2 PM B314 The future of containers in Linux and OpenStack James Bottomley – CTO of virtualization Wednesday 3:30 PM B102

13 13 Profit from the cloud TM Thank You Questions?

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