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Specializing in Search Excellence Click the arrows to advance to the next slide.

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1 Specializing in Search Excellence Click the arrows to advance to the next slide

2 Bringing Clients and Professionals Together Profiles is a dynamic search firm staffed with experienced professionals in a variety of industries and management disciplines. We are focused on understanding, addressing, and resolving your staffing needs.

3 Select Clients Profiles works with a select group of clients that are committed to hiring the best talent available. We believe that a “partnership” between the client and the recruiter is the best way to achieve that goal. Our recruiters have a proven track record of delivering top level professionals under that kind of relationship.

4 Why our services are superior! We are not satisfied to simply send you a “good” candidate. We believe our job is to search your entire marketplace to ensure that we find you the “best” candidate available.

5 70 % NOT LOOKING! 15% Passively Looking 15% Actively Looking Because most Candidates are not actively seeking a new position. They must be recruited!

6 How Do We Secure the “Best” Candidate? Most recruiting firms only contact the “actively looking” or “passively looking” candidates. We use recruiting techniques designed to address the “hidden” candidate pool – those not actively seeking new employment. 70% of the market!

7 The Search Process Research   Obtain comprehensive search description  Learn company culture  Develop Search Strategy Conduct Search   Identify all candidates that meet the search criteria  Contact, screen and evaluate those candidates  Select the top 3 for presentationInterviews   Schedule Interviews  Candidate Process - Re-qualify commitment - Discuss Client feedback  Client Process - Discuss candidate feedback - Select candidates for follow-ups - Determine offer status - Make offer

8 Finalizing The Search Follow Up  Prep Candidate for offer  Address potential problems Facilitate Acceptance  Mediate any negotiations  Secure acceptance of offer  Establish start date Transition Assistance  Provide resignation assistance  Coordinate entire process Maintain Client Communication  Provide ongoing feedback  Assure appropriate progress  Available for future search assignments

9 Profiles offers four excellent recruiting options: Contingency: Fees paid only upon hiring a candidate. Temporary Services: For short or long term needs. Executive Search: Traditional Retainer Search to fill higher level positions within your firm. ProSelect©: Our most effective recruiting service. Clients Services

10 Which service is right for you? While all of our recruiting services provide excellent results, we believe that our ProSelect service is superior and offers significant advantages over traditional recruiting methods.

11 What is ProSelect? Reduced placement fee in return for a small up-front commitment fee on a per position basis. Benefits:  Reduced fee per hire.  Small commitment fee (included in placement fee).  Dedicated search effort.  Complete marketplace coverage.  Single source for specific recruiting assignment.

12 Why ProSelect is right for you.  Since you are making a dedicated commitment, we can make a dedicated effort.  We can spend more time “recruiting” and less time on uncommitted searches.  A client/recruiter “partnership” allows us to better understand your company, its culture and hiring needs.  You receive total market coverage.  You interview the “best” candidates available.

13 Proven Results! Clients who have experience with Profiles choose our ProSelect service because they know that a committed partnership approach to filling their staffing needs results in the “best” candidate being hired.

14 Profiles is the right choice! Whichever recruiting option you choose, you can be assured that you will receive professional and ethical representation. We are confident that you will be very satisfied with all of our recruiting services.

15 Call for our professional services: Phone: (248) 828-3700 Fax: (248) 828-3720 Email: Return To Company Web Site

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