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Add Value to Your Products & Service with E-Net Select ™

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1 Add Value to Your Products & Service with E-Net Select ™

2 The Battle for Talent If we don’t get the people thing right, we lose; it is the most important thing in all our business. Jack Welch GE

3 The Battle for Talent CEO’s globally ranked “finding and retaining talent” as their biggest obstacle to growth. Economist Intelligence Unit

4 Job Candidates Go Online There are over 350 million computers using the Internet today. More than 25 million resumes posted to the Internet. Job candidates are using the Internet to search for jobs.

5 Employers Know E-Recruiting Money spent on newspaper ads is decreasing. Money spent on lnternet job postings has increased by 145%. Budgets for online recruiting will continue to increase, while less will be spent on searches and newspapers.

6 E-Recruiting Offers Speed of use Quality Financial savings Capability

7 A Faster Time to Hire Traditional Recruiting Process 2 weeks review, decide 2 weeks conduct interviews 8 weeks develop resume pool 1 week review, decide 2 weeks conduct interviews 1 week develop resume pool E-Recruiting Process

8 Reduced Cost to Hire Traditional Recruiting $10,000.00 per hire E-Recruiting $2000.00 per hire

9 E-Net Select is hireMAX’s hiring management service. What Is E-Net Select  ?

10 Higher Quality Candidates E-Recruiting improves ability to put the right person in the job Online pre-screening and assessments make it possible E-Recruiting automates the process

11 Power of E-Net Select Candidates preview jobs/apply online Pre-screens and ranks candidates Administrators can create questions for pre-screening candidates Questions can be ranking, multiple choice, yes/no and text Can have “knock out” questions

12 Power of E-Net Select Gives access to applicants via the Web Provides managers with “one-screen” access to all hiring data Resumes Applications Assessment Results Interviewer Notes Background Check Results

13 Power of E-Net Select Helps clients communicate more effectively with applicants. Manages your clients recruiter activity. Eliminates lost applications. Keeps client’s current—always! Tracks necessary statistics. Helps clients make better decisions— faster, reducing the risk of losing a prime candidate to another company

14 Benefits of E-Net Select Affordable Easy to manage No special hardware to buy No software to install Simple to use Comprehensive

15 How Do Applicants Use It? Direct all applicants to client’s website/Hot links to E-Net Select. E-Net Select link connects applicants to the E-Net Select system. Applicants register and choose a password. They answer basic and filtering questions.

16 How Do Applicants Use It? Can fill in text resumes or attach resume documents. Applicants must agree to your terms as a condition of sending their applications. Applicants may submit EEOC data for company’s compliance use. Applicants may log in and check the status of their application.

17 How Do Applicants Use It? If applicants don’t qualify based on filtering questions, they receive a message of thanks for their interest and a polite rejection. If applicants pass the filtering questions, optional online pre-employment assessments are immediately administered. Upon completing the assessments applicants fill out your client’s custom job applications online.

18 How HR/Managers Use It Know Now! Notifies clients by e-mail each time a new application arrives. View Now! Gives a one screen access to all applicants for a position. Clients can see all applications, all assessment results, resumes and interview notes. Communicate Now! Clients have the option of posting interview progress which only the applicant can view online.

19 How HR/Managers Use It Research Now! Lets you generate online requests for: Background screening Employment history verification Education verification Professional license verification Substance abuse testing

20 How HR/Managers Use It Imagine having all the information your client needs at their fingertips for setting up interviews -- all on one screen. All those who interview candidates have online access to the information they need—together with a place for their evaluation notes about the candidate.

21 How HR/Managers Use It E-Net Select simplifies and standardizes the hiring process. It helps your client select the best people possible.

22 Why E-Net Select Help your client ensure they are selecting the best of the candidates? Helps clients make sure that quality applicants are being interviewed and are not “lost” on someone’s desktop? Expedites the hiring process so good candidates aren’t lost to the competition? Improves the sharing of information among interviewers—rapidly move qualified candidates to other departments?

23 For More Information or a demo, Contact: hireMAX 817-249-3933

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