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CK0909AW Outcome Based Approach Workshop 30 September 2009 SOA’s & Community Planning Andrew Wilson Community Planning Manager Falkirk Council.

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1 CK0909AW Outcome Based Approach Workshop 30 September 2009 SOA’s & Community Planning Andrew Wilson Community Planning Manager Falkirk Council

2 CK0909AW Community Planning is.. A collaboration of different agencies to achieve our vision & meet communities needs A process to agree priorities for an area A generic term for different approaches As successful as its constituent elements Not resourced Not a one-stop shop Not a burden of structures but an effective means of helping to improve services

3 CK0909AW Strategic Community Plan Corporate Plans Strategic Policies And Strategies Service Plans and Budgets Review and Public Performance Reporting Clear links between plans, outcomes and performance management. Themes of SCP, Corporate Plans, Policies and Strategies. Interpreting national outcomes into local priorities. The SOA cannot capture everything and is therefore set at a strategic level although it links through all the levels

4 CK0909AW LEADERSHIP GROUP Strategic Direction Accountability Attainment ---------- MANAGEMENT GROUP Operational Management Scrutiny & Challenge Strategic Community Plan Improving Our Neighbourhood Community Safety Health And Wellbeing Community Regeneration Public Sector Reform Community Engagement Sustainable Development Equal Opportunites and Equity of Access Children and Young People Economic Development And Tourism Lifelong Learning and Opportunity

5 CK0909AW The Falkirk CPP Falkirk Council NHS Forth Valley Central Scotland Police Central Scotland Fire & Rescue Service CVS Falkirk & District Forth Valley College Skills Development Scotland SEStran

6 CK0909AW Background The Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) is an agreement between the Scottish Government and the Falkirk CPP It sets out what the Council and its Community Planning partners will deliver on in terms of local priorities and our contribution to national outcomes It’s about the partnership’s collective commitment to ensuring that we provide the best quality services at an affordable cost The SOA forms part of the arrangements within the Local Government Concordat which also underpins funding between 2008 – 2011, reduces funding bureaucracy and embodies new performance reporting arrangements, streamlined scrutiny & retention of efficiency savings

7 CK0909AW Our Journey Our 1 st SOA was with CPP, some areas only Councils –Involved all Council Services & Key CP partners Our Strategic Community Plan (supported by Council Corporate Plan) sets out our 20-year vision and local priorities Pro-active development of a CPP performance management framework which acted as a foundation for the SOA –Outcomes –PIs Local Outcomes haven’t changed much as a result of the SOA Evolution & refreshment Hasn’t resulted in a complete alignment between the CPP & national priorities

8 CK0909AW SOA Practicalities Is a means of: Reporting progress Better national understanding of local context Asks – Scottish Govt support in achieving priorities Isn’t a means of: Reporting to the Govt Delivering on everything A replacement for what we do

9 CK0909AW Our Challenges A lot of different guidance from different Government departments e.g. not including all of our HEAT targets –Local decisions based on relevance The SOA should not be a means of including everything but should focus on key local priorities & outcomes –“If our initiative isn’t mentioned our funding will be cut” –Relevance of front-line work to the SOA Continuing relevance of traditional national initiatives. Latest policy direction is integrated & demonstrates new thinking Lobbying & commentary by external agencies on how well our SOA reflected a particular initiative

10 CK0909AW Benefits Liaison with Scottish Govt Director –Sits on our Management Group –Improved understanding of local areas, priorities & context –Local challenges, growing population Young People & classes with 95% to 100% occupancy Over 65’s –Meaningful feedback including progress on our Asks Rounded partnership approach Local accountability of SOA make us more nimble –Performance / Progress Report –Information from 2006 – present (trends) –Real-time information

11 CK0909AW Measuring the Difference? Have SOA’s made a difference or would we have done it anyway? Short-term or cumulative effect Comparison across Scotland? –The SOA is designed to reflect local diversity Disconnect between local SOA measurement & the national performance framework

12 CK0909AW Recession Mitigating the impacts of the recession –Economic downturn action plan Retaining our aspiration & motivation Prioritisation Impact of decisions on other partners Equity of savings vs. protected areas of spend (NHS, Education)

13 CK0909AW Vision for 2005 to 2010 The legacy of our past and the potential of our future are protected Our area is at the centre of Scottish life Our future is as one of the most culturally diverse and distinct areas in Scotland Our future has investment in jobs, learning, homes and leisure for all Our area is the place to be in the third Millennium

14 CK0909AW Copies of our SOA available at: – Fs/single_outcome_agreement.pdf You can contact me at: Further Details

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