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Transport Policy And The Environment Professor David Gray The Centre for Transport Policy The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

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1 Transport Policy And The Environment Professor David Gray The Centre for Transport Policy The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

2 Reducing Emissions From Transport Wide debate - transport policy making and climate change emissions in the UK; implications of the Stern Review Narrow debate - reducing emissions from transport in Scotland

3 Emissions From Transport (UK) Total CO2 (Million tonnes)160 Percentage from transport (low)23% Percentage from transport (high)32% Emissions from road transport93%

4 Emissions From Transport: Rate Of Growth Emissions from UK transport sector rose by 10% between 1990 and 2004. Emissions from road transport rose by 2.6% between 1999 and 2005 Carbon savings from current policies largely cancel out increases from rising traffic levels Emissions from road transport forecast to rise sharply after 2020

5 Stern Review On The Economics Of Climate Change (2006) Action to tackle climate change is possible at an affordable cost and any package of measures to reduce carbon emissions should be the most cost effective programme

6 Implications Of Stern Review: Business As Usual Significant reduction in emissions from transport is too expensive economically (and too difficult politically) Current range of measures sufficient to hold transport emissions in check More cost effective reductions can be made in other sectors such as emissions from business, domestic energy efficiency and renewable power generation

7 Implications Of Stern Review: Transport Can Make A Real Difference More savings can and should be made from the transport sector Current measures depend heavily on relatively expensive technology More cost-effective savings possible, in particular through Smarter Choices measures that promote behavioural change

8 Transport & Emissions: Current Policies PolicyResponsibility Fuel prices/fuel dutyReserved Voluntary agreement with manufacturers to reduce emissions from new cars EU/Reserved Fiscal measures (variable VED and company car tax) Reserved Vehicle labellingReserved UK renewable Transport Fuels obligationReserved/ Devolved Behavioural change transport policiesDevolved Sustainable freightDevolved Regional/local transport strategiesDevolved

9 New SNP Led Scottish Government: Emissions And Transport Transport is a major source of climate change emissions… we will continue to support a shift in modes of transportation, including freight …address environmental impacts…through a package of measures that promote more sustainable travel through the provision of high quality public transport, improved facilities for walking and cycling, and a range of targeted Smarter Choices and vehicle efficiency campaigns

10 New SNP Led Scottish Government: Emissions And Transport National Indicator and target Increase the proportion of journeys to work made by public or active transport

11 New SNP Led Scottish Government: Emissions And Transport Key question How will the Scottish Government deliver on its pledges… …without undermining economic growth?

12 Cutting Emissions From Transport: The Narrow Debate There is a strong link between economic growth, traffic growth and rising emissions from transport Road traffic in Scotland has grown by 1.6% per annum over the last ten years, while the economy has grown by around 1.8% per annum The 'narrow' debate among policymakers considers whether economic growth can be decoupled from a related rise in traffic levels and emissions

13 Scotlands National Transport Strategy (December 2006) Reducing emissions from transport one of three strategic outcomes Strategy still live (at least for time being)

14 Scotlands National Transport Strategy: Tackling Emissions from Transport Commitments Working with the UK Government to deliver the biofuels target by 2010 and beyond. Promoting SMART measures on all journeys, focusing especially on the commute to work through developing travel awareness and marketing campaigns. Exploring with key partners sustainable travel demonstration towns across Scotland to reduce car use and promote cycling and walking. Undertaking a Scottish specific appraisal of the potential carbon savings of stricter adherence to national speed limits on trunk roads and motorways. Promoting and encouraging new vehicle technologies. Supporting sustainable distribution strategies through the Scottish Road Haulage Modernisation Fund

15 Enforcing Speed Limits A properly enforced 70mph speed limit across the UK would cut carbon emissions from transport by nearly 5 million tonnes (MtC) by 2010, which would represent a reduction of between 2.9% and 5.6% of emissions from the road transport sector

16 Smarter Choices And Behavioural Change National Transport Strategy promotes SMART measures CfIT argues that cost-effective carbon savings can be obtained from Smarter Choices measures that promote behavioural change (New) Scottish Government promoting more sustainable travel through a range of measures including Smarter Choices

17 Smart Choices And Behavioural Change New Spending Plans Scottish Government support for sustainable and active travel will increase from £6.6million to £11million per annum

18 Transport Spending Plans (Per Annum) Support for sustainable and active travel per annum £11million Spending on subsidised air services£38m Spending on ferry services£111m Spending on motorways and trunk roads £1,161m (or £532 million + cost of capital) Cost of running Transport Scotland£16m

19 How To Reconcile Economic, Social and Environmental Objectives? A Carbon Balance Sheet approach? Aiming for carbon neutrality across all transport activity Investment in infrastructure (including roads) as long as increased traffic/emissions are offset by savings elsewhere

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