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Religion Review.

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1 Religion Review

2 Pilgrimage A journey to a sacred religious location.

3 Caste The class or order into which a Hindu is assigned according to religious law.

4 Animism The belief that objects and events in nature have a discrete spirit and conscious life.

5 Ethnic religion A spatially concentrated religion which is specific to a particular place and culture.

6 Fundamentalism Literal interpretation and strict adherence to basic principles or rules of a religion.

7 Polytheism The belief in more than one god.

8 Denomination A division or branch of a religion which unites a number of congregations into one body.

9 Hierarchical religion
A religion in which central authority exercises a high degree of control.

10 Universal religion A religion that attempts to appeal to all people.

11 Monotheism The belief that there is only one god.

12 Syncretism Joining two or more religions together.

13 Name the four largest universal religions
Christianity Islam Buddhism Sikhism

14 What is the largest ethnic religion?

15 How do ethnic religions diffuse?
The same as folk culture: relocation diffusion.

16 Describe the diffusion of Buddhism.
800 BC: Buddhism founded 300 BC: Emperor Asoka of India converts to Buddhism. Made Buddhism the official religion Many officials converted as well (hierarchical diffusion) Missionaries sent to convert non-Buddhists. Relocation diffusion Moved along trade routes to China, Japan, Korea, and the rest of SE Asia.

17 What is the most important Buddhist site? Why is it important?
Lumbini, It is the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama.

18 Match the house of worship to the religion:
___Cathedral____Christianity ___Pagoda_ ___Buddhist ____Temple__ _Hindu ___Synagogue___Judaism ___Mosque_____Islam

19 What are two hierarchical religions?
Catholicism Latter-Day Saints

20 What are two religions with local autonomy?
Islam Protestant Christianity Hinduism Judaism

21 Name six Protestant denominations in the Fort Worth area (not in book)
Baptist Lutheran Methodist Presbyterian Church of Christ Assembly of God Seventh Day Adventist Reform Episcopal Disciples of Christ

22 How did Communism affect religious life in the Soviet Union and in Southwest Asian countries?
Because of the high degree of control that communist government seek to exercise, they are usually hostile to religions and religious expansion.

23 What are the three holiest sites in Islam?
Mecca Medina Jerusalem

24 What religion is distributed primarily in India?
Hinduism (97% of Hindus live in India)

25 What religion is located in Southwest Asia and North Africa?
Islam (Shi’a and Sunni Islam)

26 What religion is dominant in Eastern Europe and Russia?
Orthodox Christianity

27 Iran is the only country with a majority of which religious group?
Shi’a Islam

28 Catholicism is distributed in which locations?
Southern and Western Europe, North and South America.

29 Where is the practice of Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism centered?
Southeast Asia

30 What is the only Shinto country?

31 What part of the world has the largest animist population?
Sub Saharan Africa

32 In what region is Buddhism centered?

33 What three major religions have their hearth in the Middle East?

34 How has the caste system changed in India in recent history?
The untouchable caste has officially been abolished, and Indians in that class have been given equal rights with other Indians.

35 Name an example of an Islamic fundamentalist group which has resisted western values.
The Taliban in Afghanistan (AKA, the bad guys in the first Iron Man movie)

36 Fill in the religious timeline of Muslim Christian relations:
AD: Islam spreads through Middle East, displacing many Christians 711: Muslim invasion of Spain 732: Islamic army defeated in Europe (modern day France) 1099: First Crusade: Catholic army captures Jerusalem 1187: Jerusalem captured by Muslim Army 1229: Jerusalem retaken by European Christians 1244: Jerusalem retaken by Muslims 1492: Christians regain control of Spain 1453: Constantinople (holiest city in Orthodox Christianity) captured by Muslim Turks

37 This map depicts the diffusion of which major religion?

38 What city is the hearth if this religion, and who is the founder?
Meccas, founded by Mohammad

39 How did this religion diffuse?
Military conquest (contagious diffusion) into Middle East and North Africa.

40 What earlier religions did this religion displace?
Christianity, Judaism.

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