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Communism After Stalin

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1 Communism After Stalin

2 Stalin’s Death 1953 Next major Russian leader is Nikita Khrushchev.

3 Life under Khrushchev “De-Stalinization = Denounces “crimes” of Stalin. Russian society is a littler more open. Wants to ease tension with US (he visits). USSR is 1st in space (1st satellite = “Sputnik”) 1957. Forms Warsaw Pact (communist alliance in Europe that is in response to NATO) in 1955.

4 Rebellion in Satellite Countries
When Stalin died, some of the Eastern European countries tried to get more freedom/independence. Some don’t like being Communist. Others don’t like being controlled by Russia (nationalism).

5 Hungary 1956 Imre Nagy allows more freedom--other political parties, freedom of speech. Takes Hungary out of the Warsaw Pact. Seems as if the country is going away from Communism.


7 Russian Response Khrushchev sends in Russian troops and tanks to keep Hungary communist. Hungary asks other countries like the US and England to help them but they won’t. Nagy is executed and replaced by a pro-Soviet leader.


9 Problems with US under Khrushchev
U2 spy plane is shot down over Russia (1960). Leads to tension again between the 2 superpowers.

10 Berlin Wall Khrushchev erects Berlin Wall to keep people from leaving East Berlin.


12 Cuban Missile Crisis Russian put nuclear weapons in Cuba.
US demands that they are withdrawn. US says that if they are attacked from Cuba, they will attack Russia. US puts up naval blockade to stop Russians from sending supplies.




16 Closet Cold War comes to Real War
Russia has ships on the way to Cuba. If they try to break the US blockade it will be war. Russia eventually backs down & calls ships back to Russia. A deal is made—Russia removes nukes from Cuba and US takes missiles out of Turkey. US also promises not to invade Cuba.

17 Leonid Brezhnev Replaces Khrushchev in 1964.
More of a hard-liner—not ok to talk bad about Stalin or government. Built up the military.

18 Czechoslovakia 1968 Czech leader Alexander Dubcek allows freedom and openness. Called “Prague Spring”

19 Russian Response Brezhnev sends in troops and Dubcek is removed from power. Beginning of “Brezhnev Doctrine” = Russia will send in troops to Warsaw Pact countries if they seem to be going away from Communism.


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