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Denver Perks A Cashless Marketing Program Presented to: Lawrence Yee & James Aragon - Japoix Presented by: Allison DiPaolo

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1 Denver Perks A Cashless Marketing Program Presented to: Lawrence Yee & James Aragon - Japoix Presented by: Allison DiPaolo Email: Phone: 303.967.2805

2 How Denver Perks Works 1.We collaboratively create a great offer that entices our fans to buy. The offer will be available for 7 days, creating urgency to buy now. 2.Entercom simultaneously leverages its marketing assets on your behalf – radio talent, websites, email database, text database, facebook, Twitter and more – to market and promote the offer to our fans. 3.Consumers go online to to purchase your offer and Entercom handles all aspects of the sale and fulfillment. 4.You receive a percentage of the net revenue* from all sales. 5.Our fans visit your business to redeem the certificate, often spend more (appetizers, wine, products, additional services) & bring their friends or family. 6.You can validate certificates in real-time via phone, text, online, barcode scanner or simply checking off from a printed list. *Net revenue = gross revenue actually collected by Entercom (net of any returns or credits), minus 3% for credit card processing fees. Entercom shall pay Merchant its share** of Net Revenue within 30 days after the end of each month. **Minimum of 100 certificates must be sold in order for Entercom to pay percentage back.

3 Benefits of Denver Perks 1.Cashless Marketing System 2. Guaranteed Customers through your door 3. Power of Integrated Marketing Dedicated email to 100,000+ opt-in subscribers Reaching over 1.3 million listeners across 4 leading Denver stations’ platforms 4.Revenue Share Opportunity – A percentage of the profits come back to you! 5.Service and Follow-up from One Local Account Rep 6.Fast, Measurable Response 7.Opportunity to Upsell Customers and turn them into Loyal Customers 8.Social Networking & Increased Word-of-Mouth Friends share your offer with other friends via email and/or social networking Facebook & Twitter promotion through Denver Perks accounts

4 Denver Perks is superior to other Group Buying Programs. Here’s why... Denver Perks puts the power of its fan base to work for select businesses like yours that we know will resonate with our fans. Our fans are engaged with our stations – they love our programming and our personalities and they listen and interact wherever they are – at work, at home, in the car, and more. Your business is introduced and branded to our fans by our stations and their personalities. You reap the benefit of the association and we benefit from an ongoing relationship with you. All at NO CASH OUTLAY and NO RISK to you.

5 Marketing Assets: More than an Email Marketing AssetsKOSI 101.1Alice 105.999.5 The MountainStudio 1430 On-Air Mentions Read by Talent* – Day of Offer3333 Perks Email to opt-in Database (100K+) – Day of Offer Text Alert of Offer – Day of Offer Mentions in recorded Perks commercials** - Mon-Sun8888 Internet Radio Spots - Mon-Sun15 Social Media Posts on Denver Perks Accounts – Day of Offer Facebook & Twitter Facebook & Twitter Facebook & Twitter Facebook & Twitter Giveaways for On-Air, Online or Facebook Contests Optional*** Total Marketing Value: $17,840 *On-air mentions subject to each station, offer must be deemed appropriate for audience. **Rotating :60 Denver Perks branded spots Mon-Sun promoting offers of the week. Shared presence in minimum of 50% of these spots. ***Giveaway offers and specific mentions subject to station and talent availability.

6 Digital Assets - Dedicated Email : Text Alert : Homepage Feature Today’s deal from Denver Perks is $50 of Italian Food & Drinks for $25 at Maggiano’s Little Italy! Visit m now to purchase. m Text STOP to quit.

7 Validating Denver Perks Certificates 1. WEBSITE Go to: Enter: Login – dealoftheday & Password – dealoftheday Enter 8-digit validation code 2. PHONE Call 1-877-577-8444 and enter 8-digit validation code 3. TEXT MESSAGE (SMS) Text: BBD[space]R[space]8-digit validation code to 898411 Example text: BBD R 12345678 4. PEN & PAPER Manually check off printed list of purchasers & validation codes 5. BARCODE If you have a scanner, a series of barcodes can be added to the certificates. Need to check system 5 days before launch to make sure scanner compatible.

8 Denver Perks Program Summary Japoix Receives EMAIL: Dedicated Denver Perks email with a Buy Now option to 105,000+ opt-in subscribers the day your offer goes live. LIVE MENTIONS: Live on-air promotion across all 4 Entercom stations the day your offer goes live to include a minimum of 12 live mentions (1 per daypart/per station) creating urgency to purchase your offer that week. DENVER PERKS SPOTS: Inclusion in Denver Perks branded :60 promo commercials to run across all 4 Entercom stations rotating the week of your offer (Mon-Sun), shared with 1-2 other offers of the week. Minimum of 16 spots. TEXT ALERT: Text alert of offer the day it goes live. INTERNET RADIO: Denver Perks branded spots with your business mentioned across all 4 Entercom station websites the week of your offer (Mon-Sun). Minimum of 60 spots. SOCIAL MEDIA: Promotion through Denver Perks facebook and Twitter accounts. SHARED REVENUE: 25% of the Net Revenue from the certificates sold within the 1-7 day timeframe. Japoix Provides QUANTITY: Minimum of 1000 offers to be sold PROMOS: 5-10 extra certificates for giveaways and internal use ENTICING OFFER: Attractive offer mutually agreed upon by both parties ARTWORK & COPY: Copy, graphics and logos as needed GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE: Full compliance on redemption

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