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Internet Security Awareness Presenter: Royce Wilkerson.

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1 Internet Security Awareness Presenter: Royce Wilkerson

2 Summary  Cybercrime and its underground economy  Examples of cybercrime  Why you need to be cautious with the Internet  Techniques used by cybercriminals  How to prevent becoming a victim of cybercrime  Question and answer

3 Cybercrime in the 80’s and 90’s Kevin Mitnick Steve Wozniak

4 Cybercrime in the 2000s  Mafia like organizations  Out to steal money, identity, and passwords  Underground Economy - Video Underground Economy - Video

5 How it Works…



8 Statistics  6000 New Webpages are infected everyday with viruses and malware 83% are legitimate businesses that are unaware  1/10 websites are booby trapped with malware  11% of computers worldwide are part of a criminal botnet responsible for 85% of all spam  800 Million SPAM emails are sent each day  Every second 14 adults are victims of cybercrime  Over the last 12 months people were 3 times more likely to fall victim to cybercrime than physical crime  Cybercrime is now more lucrative to criminals than all of the world’s drug trafficking combined.  Identity theft has grown from 1380 cases in 1999 to 12.2 million in 2010.  In the U.S. 100s of millions of Credit Cards have been stolen in the last 3 years.

9 What is I.T. doing for you?  Network Security  Firewall  Content Filter  Email Filter  Gateway Anti-Virus  Anti-Virus Applications

10 Atascadero City, CA  A hacker used a phishing ploy to compromise the computer system of Atascadero, California, and draw $83,000 from city accounts, the San Luis Obispo Tribune reports. According to the Tribune, an Atascadero worker compromised the city's computer security by opening an email supposedly from the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) but actually sent by a hacker. On July 1, three transfers totaling $83,000 were sent from the City's account.

11 City of Nanaimo  An employee clicked on a link to a Drive-by-Downloader site and without knowing downloaded a Qakbot virus. Within seconds it quickly spread to all 500 Workstations and servers on the City network.  IT staff pulled the plug on the City’s Internet connection to prevent data from being stolen it took 6 days to remove infections the cost to the City was expected to be in the tens of thousands. However some monetary costs would be tough to calculate for the lost productivity.

12 Criminal Techniques  Social Engineering (video)video  Spam  Phishing  Spear Phishing (video)video  Pharming  Online Schemes and Fraud  Drive-by-downloads  Advertisements  Brute Force Attacks  Man-in-the-middle Attacks  Dumpster Diving  Software Vulnerabilities  Website Hacking  Viruses and other Malware

13  Passwords  Uppercase, Lowercase, Special Characters, and Numbers  8-10 characters long  Don’t use the same password for all online sites (banking, email)  Never let the Internet browser store your password  Change the default password  Set Strong Passwords

14  Only purchase from trusted sites that use encryption  Never store credit/debit card information on a website  Never use a debit card  Always check your account for fraudulent charges Online Purchases

15 Other Items  Don’t Click on Pop-ups  Read them  Ask  Never Download Free Screensavers  Don’t Send Online Greeting Cards to Friends or Co-Workers  Immediately delete emails from untrusted sources  Do not use Peer-to-Peer applications of any kind  Stay away from online gaming and gambling sites  And above all, when in doubt don’t click the link

16 Questions?

17 References  Cyberpower and National Security, 2009 By Franklin D Kramer, Stuart H Star, Larry Wentz   _by_some_form_of_virus_or_spyware2/  big-is-the-theft  

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