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Malicious Attacks By: Albert, Alex, Andon, Ben, Robert.

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1 Malicious Attacks By: Albert, Alex, Andon, Ben, Robert

2 Examples of Malicious Attacks Malware – Infectious – Concealment – Spyware Phishing Spam Active Hacking

3 Types of Damage Duplicate and distribute virus Install more malicious programs Steal keystrokes and passwords Show advertisements Take remote control Use to attack other systems Slow and overload system – Usually used against Servers No longer just destroy a computer

4 How to Prevent Infection Anti-virus software Firewall Increasing security settings for internet browsers Updating OS Being smart ( i.e. don’t reply to the Nigerian Prince asking for money )

5 Steps Taken to Lessen Problem OS companies constantly releasing updates to patch security holes Anti-virus programs keep downloading new definition lists Encryption is used, 256-bit can’t be broken through “brute force”

6 Botnets A group of compromised computers remotely controlled by a single hacker Used to distribute more viruses, DDOS against web servers Computer user may not know system is infected Hacker will compromise systems, and sell them to highest bidder

7 Why its an Issue Reduces efficiency Privacy violated Huge cost of prevention and removal Stealing information

8 Dealing with Malicious Attacks Anti-virus software – CMU Provides Symantec or Norton for free System Restore for windows If all else fails: reformat Best practice is to prevent infections

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