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2 page 2 More than 10 years with focus on Business Intelligence (BI) in daily operations as well as weekly and monthly reporting. Pre-defined reports & ad-hoc analysis. Uses GADD in all countries where they have business. GADD is used for several business areas e.g. Sales, Logistic, Purchasing, Accounting. GADD & one of the largest company

3 page 3 Several different implementations and in total; 20.000 registered users. Unlimited number of viewers. 1.000.000 queries/reports produced every month. More that 100 data sources. No education needed. Web and Windows. 100% automated. Data direct from ERP systems (real- time stock and sales) and also from Data Warehouses. GADD & one of the largest company

4 page 4 Operational reports & BI for all employees without need of education. Enable advance users to do ad-hoc analysis using several different tools. Create web based dashboards on the fly and publish on the intranet. Easy and efficient

5 page 5 Get sales and stock figures in real time directly from tills, sales and warehouse systems. Get data in real-time from 38 data sources, consolidate and present in one report using “one-click”. Display real-time sales on TV screen for employees to monitor daily goals achievements. Automated order information from sales systems to external vendor handling the transport. Automate daily, weekly, monthly report routines using AutoGADD and Scheduler and publishing on intranet. Display Dashboards on the intranet to push information and enable drill down and selection. Automate data transfer from multiple data sources and consolidate in GADD Data Storage for off-line analysis. Business cases

6 page 6 Pay when proven Short lead time Integration & Customisation Low cost Better Unique Selling Point

7 page 7 Pay when proven Proof of concept in your environment with your data Short lead time KPI, interactive dashboards and pivot analytics on your intranet within weeks Integration & customisation Integrate directly to backend systems, ERP, as well as data warehouses Integrate to your existing desktop tools; Microsoft Office and Excel Customise to your specific requirements Low cost No initial cost and low cost even if many users Make use of your existing solutions and investments Better No education needed for users Windows and Web applications to meet different needs for different users Unique Selling Point

8 page 8 Retrieve and consolidate data in real-time from unlimited number of data sources. Automation of data retrieval and information publishing using Scheduler and AutoGADD. Predefined reports for operational use that secures information quality, steering and super easy to use for anybody. Ad-hoc analysis using predefined or user created queries and views for the advanced user. Automatic web publishing on Intranet of reports, dashboards, KPI using WebGADD. Ad-hoc data analysis via web browser using pivot, tables, charts, gauges, pies, cards etc. that are interactive and “drillable”. User directory to steer access and authentication and Query statistic to monitor follow up all usage. Integrated with Microsoft Excel and other MS Office desktop tools, using Microsoft technology and an extendable architecture that enable unlimited and efficient customisation. From data to information

9 page 9 GADD component overview

10 page 10  Use predefined queries that retrieve data (sales, stock, damage, returns) from all stores in one query and automatically saves it in local data storage cache.  Use Scheduler and AutoGADD to make it 100% automatic.  Make add-hoc data analysis super quick and available via web browser.  Use predefined queries, reports and dashboards that retrieves from the local data storage cache.  Publish predefined queries, reports and dashboards to employees using WebGADD Server.  Create your own queries, reports and dashboards that access the local data storage cache.  Publish your own queries, reports and dashboards to employees using WebGADD Server. GADD Analytics for Retail (Add-On Sales, Sales Activities, Basket Analysis & QA)

11 page 11 What hardware & software is recommended on server side? If GADD Data Exchange, GADD Data Storage and Web versions of Dashboard, Table Chart and Pivot Chart is to be used then a server is recommended that has following;  Computer with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003 Server or Windows 2008 Server that has default ICC3 or ICC4 components including Microsoft IIS.  A database engine that support standard interfaces. E.g. SQL Server, SQL Server Express (zero cost), Oracle or MS Access. What hardware & software is recommended on client side?  Device that has a web browser for using the web based applications.  Device that has e.g. Windows XP or Windows 7 for using the Windows applications that are included.  Microsoft Office for utilizing the MS Excel & MS Access integration. Requirements on needed hardware and software

12 page 12 BI component Screen-copies & description

13 page 13 Screen copies

14 page 14 Query & Dashboard GADD Query & Dashboard BuilderGADD Q & D Viewer for Windows & Web

15 page 15 Pivot Chart & Excel Integration

16 page 16 Customized & business oriented Sales activities Add-on Sales Cross-sales measurements Basket Analysis Customers that purchased X also purchased Y. Measure result on campaigns and product display in store. Recommendations based on what is in the customer basket. Basket Analysis – Chord & Matrix

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