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Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Business Intelligence Tom Rizzo Director, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

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1 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Business Intelligence Tom Rizzo Director, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

2 Increase the business performance of organizations Increase the impact of information workers Reach every employee Add value to every decision Bring BI into collaboration and business process Increasing Office’s strategic appeal

3 Portal (Office Server) Integrated Business Intelligence SQL RDBMS SSISSSASSSRS Business Scorecarding (BSM) End-user Analysis (Excel) BIPlatform End-userTools AnalyticApplications

4 What Customers Want Easily communicate and track goals ● How is my sales pipeline? ● How are inventory levels? Make BI available to information workers ● Everyone needs to make better decisions ● Everyone needs better information ● In the tools they already know Reuse and enhance existing spreadsheets, reports and scorecards Bring Business Intelligence, Collaboration and Enterprise Content Mgmt together

5 Office System 2007 BI Excel client/Excel Services Dashboards Key Performance Indicators Filter Web Parts Report Center/Report Library Big bets… ● SQL Server 2005 (the DB, SSAS, SSIS & SSRS) ● Information Workers

6 Excel On Servers Customer needs and challenges Distributing spreadsheets to users leads to many versions of the truth Excel often doesn’t ‘play’ in the BI dashboard and reporting world because there no live thin solution for sharing spreadsheets It is difficult to truly protect the proprietary information in spreadsheets Incorporating Excel logic into applications often requires re-coding Excel was designed as a client program and is not as robust and scalable on servers

7 Excel Services What is it? A new server code-base built on SharePoint platform Server-side Excel calculation engine Browser access to live, interactive server spreadsheets Web service access to server-side Excel calculation

8 Excel 2007 Design and author Save to SharePoint Browser High quality web rending Zero-footprint Interactive: Set parameters, sort, filter, explore View and Interact Custom applications Set values, perform calculations, get updated values via web services Retrieve full workbook file Programmatic Access Open in Excel for rich exploration and analysis Open snapshots Excel 2007 Export/Snapshot into Excel Spreadsheets stored in document libraries Spreadsheet calculation and rendering External data retrieval and caching 100% calculation fidelity Office SharePoint Server 2007 Save Spreadsheets Excel Services Overview

9 Excel Services Architecture Web front-end ● SharePoint UI ● HTML rendering + web services Application server ● Loads spreadsheets, refreshes data, calculates ● Maintains state for interactivity ● File + query caches for performance Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides ● Solution platform ● Store: Spreadsheets, connection files ● Management: Settings, UI, scripting ● Security: Authentication, Authorization Single box or multi-tier Independent scale-out

10 Key Performance Indicators Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) defined IWs can communicate goals and drive results ● Simple to create ● Use the portal and team site environments you already know ● No code, no IT required Support KPI types from simple to enterprise class ● Team focused – manual, SharePoint list, Excel workbook ● Enterprise – SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services ● Enterprise features – multiple columns

11 KPIs in Office and SQL Server SQL Analysis Services KPI Storage and Execution Excel Client and Excel Services KPIs in Workbooks Flexible formatting KPI Pivoting Office SharePoint Servers KPI in Lists Ad-Hoc KPIs Team Management Business Scorecard Manager KPIs in Scorecards SQL AS KPI Authoring Flexible Output SharePoint Dashboard Framework Shared Page Filtering Personal Views SQL Reporting Services KPIs in Banded Reports Scheduling Extensible Report Development

12 Filter Web parts One size does not fit all – dashboards need to be made relevant to the user Filter for eastern region, last quarter Automatically show just your customers when you load page

13 Filter Web parts OOB Filter value sources ● User entered value ● Authored list ● SharePoint list ● SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services ● Bus. Data Catalog ● SharePoint profile ● Query string OOB Display Options ● Type in value ● Pick from list ● Tree view ● Hidden Extensibility ● Custom providers & consumers ● Standard interfaces that ship in WSS ● See appendix

14 OOB Web Parts that Filter SharePoint Server 2007 ● Excel Services ● KPI List ● Business Data Catalog Item & List ● WSS List view ● FrontPage Data View SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services The ecosystem ● Cross Microsoft effort with more to come ● …and more from partners!

15 Report Center BI hub for SharePoint portal sites ● Make new BI features easy to discover & use ● Provide a template for successful BI portals A document library tuned for “reports” ● Excel workbooks, SSRS reports, etc. Bring BI, collaboration & ECM together Note: All BI features are available throughout portal

16 Recap You asked us to help … ● Track and communicate goals ● Reuse & enhance existing BI assets ● Enable IWs to realize the potential of BI ● Bring BI, collaboration & ECM together Office SharePoint Server 2007 delivers… ● OOB BI functionality into SharePoint ● An integration point for the MS BI stack ● Easy to use tools for IWs KPIs, Dashboards, Filter Web Parts, Report Center

17 © 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

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