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Task 3 Assessing Student Learning

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1 Task 3 Assessing Student Learning
Analyzing Student Learning and Student Use of Language

2 What Do I Need To Think About
How will you gather evidence and make sense of what students have learned? How will you provide meaningful feedback to your students? How will you use evidence of what students know and are able to do to plan next steps in instruction?

3 What to think about How will you identify evidence and explain students’ use of language that demonstrates the development of content understanding?

4 What do I need to do? Determine which assessment you will use
Assessment that is completed by the entire class Assessment should reflect the work of individuals, not groups, but may be individual work from a group task Assessment should provide opportunities for students to demonstrate The essential strategy literacy, math, history, science Requisite skills

5 What do I need to do? Define and submit the evaluation criteria
What you will use to analyze student learning – turn to glossary for definition of evaluation criteria Select 3 student work samples Work that represents a pattern of learning These will be your focus students

6 What do I need to Do? One student must have specific learning needs –
IEP ELL Struggling reader or writer, An underperforming student A student with learning gaps Gifted student needing greater support of challenge

7 What do I need to do? Document the feedback you gave the three focus students On the work sample itself As an audio clip As a video clip If you submit feedback as a video or audio clip and your comments to students cannot be clearly heard Attach transcriptions of your comments (no more than 2 pages)

8 If you submit feedback to focus students as a video or audio clip and additional students are present Clearly identify which students are your focus students at the end of the Assessment Commentary No more than two sentences

9 What do I need to do? Respond to the prompts
…..after analyzing student work from the selected assessment Include and submit the chosen assessment Directions/prompts provided to students Attach the assessment (no more than 5 pages)

10 What do I need to do? Provide evidence of students’ understanding and use of the targeted academic language function Choose evidence from the video clips from Task 2 An additional video clip of one or more students using language within the learning segment (no more than 5 minutes in length Student work samples submitted in Task 3

11 Task 3: Artifacts and Commentary Specifications Page 40 in the Literacy Handbook

12 What Do I Need To Write? Assessment Commentary
1. Analyzing Student Learning Identify the specific standards/objectives measured by the assessment you chose for analysis. Provide the evaluation criteria you used to analyze student learning. Provide a graphic (table or chart) or narrative that summarizes student learning for your whole class. Be sure to summarize student learning for all evaluation criteria described.

13 What do I need to write? Use evidence found in the 3 student work samples and the whole class summary to analyze the patterns of learning for the whole class and differences for groups or individual learners relative to The essential strategy – literacy, math, science, history Requisite skills Consider what students understand and do well, and where they continue to struggle Examples – common errors, confusions, need for greater challenge

14 What do I need to write? 2. Feedback to Guide Further Learning
What form? Written on the work samples Audio files Video files Explain how feedback addresses strengths and needs Describe support on applying feedback to guide improvement

15 What do I need to write? 3. Evidence of Language Understanding and Use
Explain how your students struggled to use language Function Vocabulary Language demands To develop content understandings

16 What do I need to write? 4. Using Assessment to Inform Instruction
Describe next steps Whole class 3 focus students & other individuals/groups with needs Explain how next steps follow analysis. Support with research and/or theory

17 How Will You Be Assessed?
Your evidence will be assessed with rubrics 11-15 Turn to the rubric 11 in your booklet When preparing your artifacts and commentaries, refer to the rubrics frequently to guide your Thinking……..….Planning……..….Writing

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