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Delivering your Speech

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1 Delivering your Speech

2 Types of Speeches Extemporaneous Manuscript Memorization Impromptu

3 Manuscript Method Speakers write down everything they plan to say to their listeners, then bring their manuscripts to the podium and read them to the audience.

4 Manuscript Method Advantages Disadvantages
No danger of forgetting what to say. Plenty of time to prepare your speech before hand. Sound smoother then extemporaneous methods. Speech does not sound natural because it is being read. Can make the audience feel as if you are reading to them instead of talking to them.

5 Memorization Method Begins with a written manuscript but is different from a manuscript method because a manuscript is memorized word-for-word and not used during the delivery.

6 Memorization Method Advantages Disadvantages
Can choose the most effective way to deliver speech. No danger of not knowing what to say. Sounds “pre packaged” Can put an extreme burden on your memory if speech is longer then 4-5 minutes.

7 Extemporaneous Speech
Speakers prepare outlines of the ideas of their speeches beforehand , but do not memorize an exact pattern of words. They choose the words with which to clothe their ideas as they are speaking. Outlines or notecards may or may not be used.

8 Extemporaneous Method
Advantages Disadvantage Sounds natural Feel more like you are “telling” a message instead of “reading” a message. You can change the direct of your speech according to audience feedback. Lack of time to prepare Can sometimes not know what to say or stumble over words/thoughts

9 Extemporaneous Practice
Think about a book or movie that you like and that a partner would also enjoy. Prepare to speak extemporaneously to your partner about it. Take 15 minutes and Jot down some notes and plan the opening and ending of your talk. Then speak about the book or movie in an informal and conversational tone. When you are finished ask if your friend would like to see the movie or read the book. Lastly, ask if your presentation captured your friends attention and rather or not it was natural or clear.

10 Impromptu Method Used when people must speak “off the cuff” with no chance for previous preparation. This method demands that the speakers must organize their ideas and choose their words as they proceed through their speeches.

11 Impromptu Method Advantages Disadvantages Sounds natural
Will likely be a topic you are familiar with. Can impress audience easily. Can sound jumbled and awkward. Speakers are often unprepared. Can audience easily.

12 Impromptu Practice Think of three topics that interest you that you may do an impromptu speech about. On Monday, you will present the three topics to the teacher and the teacher will pick one of them for you to give an impromptu speech. You will be given 2 minutes to prepare your speech and then 1-2 minutes to give a brief speech on the topic. Try and pick as unique of a group as possible because if your topics have already been picked, I will pick a topic for you to speak about!!!

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