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2 Getting To Know Zija Kenneth Brailsford – an industry icon, and Zija’s Founder Proven success record – founder of several multi-million dollar companies “Father of Encapsulation” – creator of the herbal capsule International and debt-free company based in Utah, representing all-natural and organic products that are infused with Moringa 2


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7 Problem: World Wide Epidemic

8 Executive Team Rodney Larsen Jayson Jorgensen Cathy Yeates Ryan Palmer
President/CEO Jayson Jorgensen Chief Operating Officer Cathy Yeates Vice President New Market Development Ryan Palmer Director North American Sales Michael Hershberger Vice President Information Technology Whitney Davis Sr. Director Marketing Communications 8

9 The Experts: Russ Bianchi Dr. Joshua Plant 9
Founder and Managing Director for Adept Solutions, Inc., a global product development creation, brand conversion and stabilization corporation based in California. Adept solutions serves many successful companies in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, dietary/nutritional supplements, cosmetics and flavor sectors. Dr. Joshua Plant has a wide variety of scientific experience across the biomedical sciences platform. He graduated with a Ph.D from Harvard Medical School in Biomedical Sciences and Cell Biology. Joshua’s experience in researching how cells respond to their external environment has lead him to work with the worlds finest research institutions and has been published in several scientific journals. He will further the commitment that Zija has in delivering the best products the Moringa tree has to offer. Graduated first in his class with a PhD from Harvard Medical School Received 1 of 14 NIH research scholar award for his work on cellular development Conducted research fellowships at the NIH and the University of Utah on cellular homeostasis Published several research articles on cancer and cellular symmetry Selected as a key speaker at several national scientific conferences for his research on cell symmetry The American Association of Cereal Chemists The Institute of Food Technologists The American Association of Candy Technologists The International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Mr. Bianchi has extensively lectured, published and been quoted in the media on nutrition and health related matters 9

10 Liquid Nutrition “Drink Life In”
SmartMix, XM+ Energy Mix, XM3 Drink Weight Management “Body in Balance” XMam, XMpm, SmartMix, XM+ Energy Mix, Premium Tea, PR1ME90 GenM Skin Care “Inner Health, Outer Beauty” Cleanser, Moisturizer, Mist, Eye Serum, Night Repair, Spa Masque, Oil

11 XMam Contains a breakthrough formula that combines healthy Moringa with Dutch Cocoa Powder and Geranium to help stave off mid-day cravings, spur natural fat-burning mechanisms and promote a positive mood XMpm A handcrafted formula with Moringa, Sea Kelp, Ashwagandha and Gynema Sylvestre that helps reduce stress, stabilize your mood, combat evening cravings and prepare you body for restful sleep Premium Tea A delicious blend of traditional eastern and western herbs that aids in digestive cleansing, acts as a natural laxative and diuretic and eliminates toxins released from fat cells during weight loss SmartMix An easy-to-open packet that you can add to water for a dose of pure Moringa nutrition – even on the go SuperMix Cell ready nutrition for people needing even more Moringa XM+ Mix A convenient way to drink in healthy Moringa, with natural ingredients like Green Tea, Desert Tea and Ginseng for added energy Prime 90 Dutch Chocolate (150 calories) and Vanilla Bean (145 calories) this low-fat blend delivers 20g of protein and plenty of fibre

12 Results: WMS Testimonials
Brenda-Kay 128 lbs. David Albini 160 lbs. 12

13 ©2012 Zija International ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

14 Home Business Trends 14

15 The Situation: Why a Plan B?

16 Business Why The Industry of Network Marketing? Low Cost of Entry
System Based Tax Breaks Personal Development Time Freedom and Flexibility Unlimited Income Potential Leverage and Residual Income 16

17 Business - Time Leverage!
In Real Estate - OPM (Other People’s Money) Because your RESOURCES are limited In Network Distribution - OPT (Other people’s Time) Because your TIME is limited 17

18 Get Started with a Builder System
($330/250 PV) 1 Box of XMam Caps 1 Box of Premium Tea 2 Cases of SmartMix 2 Boxes XM+ Energy Mix • FREE Enrollment • FREE Shaker Bottle ($8 value) • FREE Business Kit ($39 value) • FREE 8 XMam Trial Packs ($42 value) • FREE 8 XMpm Trial Packs ($42 value) • FREE 8 SmartDrink / SmartMix Pocket Guides • 8 Sample Pack Boxes • *Includes Shipping & Handling ($660/500 PV)* 4 Cases of SmartMix 4 Boxes of XM+ Energy Mix 2 Boxes of XMam Caps 2 Boxes of Premium Tea • FREE 16 XMam Trial Packs ($42 value) • FREE 16 XMpm Trial Packs ($42 value) • FREE 16 SmartDrink /SmartMix • 16 Sample Pack Boxes ($1320/1000 PV)* 8 Cases of SmartMix 8 Boxes of XM+ Energy Mix 4 Boxes of XMam Caps 4 Boxes of Premium Tea • FREE 32 XMam Trial Packs ($42 value) • FREE 32 XMpm Trial Packs ($42 value) • FREE 32 SmartDrink/SmartMix • 32 Sample Pack Boxes

19 Get Active - Select your Autoship First Order Bonus

20 Get Qualified - Enroll a person on your Left and Right

21 Get Going - Earn a FREE Autoship!
every Period using T.E.A.M. 250 21

22 22

23 Profit Participation Pool
This is in addition to the compensation plan. First PPP Pool was opened Spring 2011 * Zija’s Profit Participation Plan is not intended as an equity share. All Distributors who initially qualify for any portion of the Plan must maintain their qualifications in order to continue receiving their pro rata share of any pool for which they qualify. The profits paid to a distributor, nor any perceived rights to profits are not transferable except in association with complete or partial sale of a Distributorship, as outlined in Zija International’s Policies and Procedures. 23


25 Training, tools, and support make Zija easier than you think
Conference Calls, Webinars, Brochures, Magazines, DVDs and CDs Live trainings: local, regional, national and international events

26 ©2012 Zija International ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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