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The Next Billion-Dollar Brand

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1 The Next Billion-Dollar Brand

2 Getting to know Zija Lindon, Utah, USA November 2006 Debt Free Company
NOW: US, Canada, Mexico, Japan Zija Momentum 2011 Europe, Asia, South America

3 Ken Brailsford Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Zija
Foundation of the Management Team Over 35 years in Direct Sales Created Multiple $100 Million Companies Proven Success Record Discovery Channel Documentary on Moringa oleifera

Management Team Rodney Larsen EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT Michael Hershberger VICE PRESIDENT

5 Moringa— a Natural Fusion of Nutrients
46 Antioxidants 36 Anti-Inflammatories Omegas 3, 6 and 9 20 Amino Acids including 9 essential Amino Acids our bodies don’t produce In all, over 90 verifiable, positive health benefits

6 Moringa is recognized as an amazing source of nutrition by:
The National Geographic Society The World Health Organization Peace Corps UNICEF UN World Food Program And over 200 other organizations, government agencies, and universities

7 News About Moringa: Nobel Prize for Medicine based upon Moringa research US Institutes of Health: Plant of the Year 2008 Johns Hopkins University studies Celebrities have recently planted Moringa trees in Africa

8 Inner Health | Outer Beauty
Zija International offers three specific product lines—each scientifically engineered to help you enjoy Inner Health | Outer Beauty

9 Industry Sizes and Opportunity
Health and Wellness Industry $500+ Billion Beauty and Personal Care Industry $200+ Billion Diet and Weightloss $80+ Billion Energy Beverage Industry $10+ Billion Total Opportunity: $790 + Billion

10 Nutritional Deficiency in Foods
Researchers in England have found that, since 1940: • Broccoli has lost 80% of its calcium content • Chicken has twice as much fat and 30% less protein • Carrots have lost 46% of their iron • Tomatoes have lost 90% of their copper

11 A study of 43 fruits and vegetables found significant declines in protein, calcium, phosphorous, iron, riboflavin and ascorbic acid between 1950 and 1999.

12 Liquid Nutritionals The Original Smart Drink – 5.5 oz Aluminum can packed with Moringa nutrition Zija Smart Mix – a powdered version of the Smart Drink designed to be added to 8-16 oz of water

13 Energy XM+ Mix – XM+ is the perfect combination of Zija Smart Mix and XM3 Energy Drink! XM3 Extreme Moringa Beverage – a powerful energy – appetite control – nutritional beverage

14 North America is OVERWEIGHT!
64% of Americans… over the age of 20 are overweight… United States Center for Disease Control ( 60%of adult Canadians… are overweight… Statistics Canada ( The prevalence of overweight [people] in Mexico is over 60%… US Institutes of Health (

15 The Zija Weight Management System
XM3 Capsules – Helps you accelerate your goal achievement Smart Mix – Promotes maintenance of your optimized body with pure nutrition Miracle Tea – Herbal Detoxifying Tea to help remove toxins that destroy Inner Health

16 All Zija Skin Care product formulations utilize clinically tested, body-friendly actives that leave your skin looking healthy and feeling fresher than you’ve probably experienced before. Love The Skin You're In

17 Bio-Moringa Infusion Each genm product uses only earth-friendly, botanically-based natural ingredients and are infused with Bio-Moringa InfusionTM.

18 What’s not in genm ? genm skin care products:
• Contain no Parabens, Paraffins, Phthalates, Mineral Oils, or Sulfates. • Are Noncomedogenic • Are Free of Artificial Colors and Fragrances • Are Cruelty-Free

19 Complete Skin Care System
Creamy Cleanser Daily Moisturizer Rehydrating Mist Eye Serum Night Repair Spa Masque Zija Oil

20 'someday' actually become
When does 'someday' actually become 'today'?

21 STEP 1 Get started with an XM3 Builder System
(approximate cost depending on products) XM3 PERSONAL SYSTEM $200 XM3 BUILDER SYSTEM 1 $600 XM3 BUILDER SYSTEM 2 $1,200 (includes marketing website and Back Office Management Suite) BECOME ACTIVE WITH AUTOSHIP ACTIVE 75 75 PV ACTIVE 150 150 PV

22 STEP 2 Become Qualified Dual-Team Strategy
Personally enroll two (2) Distributors COMMISSIONS ACTIVE 75 ACTIVE 150 First Order Bonus (FOB) 10% 20%

23 Promoting Team Building
STEP 3 Promoting Team Building COMMISSIONS ACTIVE 75 ACTIVE 150 Sponsor Builder Bonus (SBB) N/A $25 Enroller Builder Bonus (EBB) $50 - $100

24 Profit Participation Plan*
25% Of Gross Profits In 5 separate Pools This is in addition to the compensation plan. * Zija’s Profit Participation Plan is not intended as an equity share. All Distributors who initially qualify for any portion of the Plan must maintain their qualifications in order to continue receiving their pro rata share of any pool for which they qualify. The profits paid to a distributor, nor any perceived rights to profits are not transferable except in association with complete or partial sale of a Distributorship, as outlined in Zija International’s Policies and Procedures.

25 The Importance of Timing

26 Training & Support Training, tools, and support make Zija easier than you think Conference Calls, Webinars, Brochures, Magazines, DVD’s and CD’s Live trainings: local, regional, national and international events


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