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Business Overview Thank You for Joining Tonights Webinar The Webinar will Begin at 9 PM EDT Tonights Presentation will be Given by Franchise Owner, Rick.

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2 Business Overview Thank You for Joining Tonights Webinar The Webinar will Begin at 9 PM EDT Tonights Presentation will be Given by Franchise Owner, Rick Jordan One of the Top Income Earners Member of Franchise Advisory Board For optimal audio streaming follow these tips: If you are using a wireless connection, please move close to your wireless router Plug your computer into your internet service Close all other applications on your computer Ask other users in your home to not download large files during this webinar Turn Up Your Speaker Volume You can also dial 916-233-3087 PIN 197-939-685

3 Problem: Todays Financial Reality

4 Todays news is scary One in four workers earns $18,800 a year or less, with few if any benefits.

5 Whats Your Plan B? Are you putting all your eggs in one basket?

6 5 Key Points to Evaluate 1.Market Trends 2.Company 3.Products 4.Opportunity 5.Timing

7 Weight Loss Home-Based Businesses Energy Drinks 1. Market Trends Wellness

8 The Booming Wellness Industry is Growing at 250 Million a day

9 Weight Loss 130 million US adults are overweight or clinically obese. Over 50 Million Americans Are On a Diet Over $60 BILLION is Spent Annually On Weight Loss

10 Functional Beverage/Energy Drinks Functional beverages continue to be the hottest segment in beverage, driven by energy drinks (+53% growth in 2006).* Approaching a 10 billion dollar industry Over 70 million energy drinks are purchased every single day. 1 out of 3 people between the ages of 16-35 drink 1-2 energy drinks a day. * Source:

11 Home-Based Businesses Home-Based Business is a $427 Billion Dollar Industry.* *Source: SBA,

12 Network Marketing Has Come of Age Warren Buffett

13 2. Company Ranked #1 in Utah and 87 th Nationally Among Americas Top Privately Owned Companies

14 Visionary Leadership Chairman & CEO Stewart Hughes A Distributor Focused Leader. Earned over 20 Million as a Distributor.

15 Real Science. Relationships with Some of the World's Leading Research Institutes and Universities, including:

16 3. Products 1.Clinically validated 2.Cutting-edge research 3.Proprietary formulas 4.Value Pricing 5.90-day money back guarantee

17 Products that solve real problems.

18 Overeating America's Obesity Problem Is Caused by Overeating Rather Than Inactivity* *Source:

19 The Problem is Getting Worse

20 A shorter life expectancy? 1 out of 3 children in the U.S. are considered overweight or obese. Health experts warn that the current generation of children may be the first in American history to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents'.

21 The Market is Obsessed with Losing Fat

22 Almost More Diets Than People

23 The Solution The First Scientific Breakthrough in Fat-Loss In Over 30 Years.

24 Scientific Validation Patented Fat Burning Formula & Clinically proven to reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol - and also Clinically proven to increase good (HDL) cholesterol!

25 The Simple Science of Slim

26 SLIM Benefits Burns Fat Reduces Appetite and Cravings Increases Energy Improves Cholesterol Levels Balances Blood Sugar Improves Lipid Profiles Regulates Bowel Function Reduces the Glycemic Index of Foods You Eat

27 DARLA WON $15,000!

28 RYAN WON $15,000! Lost 95 lbs!

29 20-25% of Americans report sufficient fatigue levels that significantly affected their ability to work

30 The Unhealthy Solution.

31 Bios Life E Backed by nutritional science. Is safer and healthier than the rest Is powered by a scientifically proven ingredient; C hi-Oka Matcha Blend


33 High grade Japanese ceremonial green tea: One glass of Matcha is the equivalent of 10 glasses of regular green tea in terms of its nutritional value and antioxidant content. 20 Times the Antioxidant Power of the Acai Berry!



36 4. Your Opportunity …to Make Life Better!

37 HOME-BASED FRANCHISING Be your own boss enjoy personal freedom Create a part-time or full- time income from home The chance to change your life financially and live your dreams Weekly pay! Live Life on Your Own Terms

38 Two Ways to Build Your Franchise Retailing: Purchase at wholesale and offer products at retail or preferred customer pricing. Franchise Expansion: Grow sales and income quickly, leverage your time and efforts, and develop a residual income.

39 First Goal: Advance to Manager Manager Position = 1,000 pts. Come in as a Manager, immediately qualify to earn $300 on personally sponsored Managers, and $200 on second level sponsored Managers. EARN: Level 1 = 30% Level 2 = 20%

40 Your First 30 Days Get 5 new team members who also become Manager (1,000 PV/GV) x 30% = $1500.

41 Bonus Pools Group Volume Bonus Pool – Qualification of 5,000 in Group Volume (Average Payout is $700-$1500) Growth Bonus Pool – Qualification of 6,000 in Group Volume (Average Payout is $1,000 - $3,000) This makes it possible to earn huge bonuses on top of the regular commission plan.

42 Presidential Bonus Pool $162,000 in Available Bonuses! As you advance in rank, you could qualify to earn additional leadership bonuses paid to those who grow their business quickly.* *See compensation plan for requirements and complete details.

43 Luxury Car Bonus

44 World-Class Marketing & Support

45 Build a Global Business Operating in 26 Countries Around the World

46 5. Timing is Everything 200920102011 $200 Million* $500 Million* $1 BILLION* 2012 Critical Mass * Projected sales YOU

47 Get Started Join us today! 1.Sign-up as a Bios Life Franchise Owner 2.Place your Manager Starter Pack or Franchise Starter Pack Order 3.Plug into training, learn the Point, Guide & Direct system for duplication

48 Attend our Live Calls & Webinars LIVE Business Overview Teleconference Call Monday -- Thursday, 1:00pm EST and 9:30pm EST Fridays, 1:00pm EST Saturdays, 1:00pm EST (Super Saturday Training) Number: 712-432-0080 Pin: 338476# Webinar Schedule Coming Soon!

49 Welcome to

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