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Welcome to Registration Night Grade12 Centennial High School Graduation Class of 2014.

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1 Welcome to Registration Night Grade12 Centennial High School Graduation Class of 2014

2 Total number of credits required for graduation Class of 2014 33 Credits MCA Test Requirements Writing (9 th ) 3 Reading (10 th ) 50 Math (11 th ) 50

3 Filling Out the Registration Form Name and Phone Number Core Courses Elective Courses *Alternates * Health Hybrid class can be taken in either the fall or spring.

4 2014  World Lit/Comp 1 & 2 or College Introduction to Literature and an English Elective  Economics and Government and Citizenship or AP Microeconomics and College American Democracy in a Changing World 2 Fine Arts Courses 2 Science Electives Healthy Living Math Sequence Advisory Credits Physical Education 9

5 Class of 2014 Failed classes (NC) Check old report cards and add failed required courses. Study Halls (2) Recommended for Juniors and Seniors Balancing Academics, Activities, Outside of school commitments PSEO- register as an alternate 8039—apply to the college and set up a meeting with school counselor What does the research say about Physics and Chemistry?

6 Pointing you in the right direction…Junior and Senior Year Options 916 (Century College or Satellite) Application Needed Periods 4-6 Work Program Work Coordinator Signature Needed Periods 4-6 Honors Options (Honors, CIS, AP) Mandatory meeting Rigorous Course schedule

7  3 blocks of time per semester for a total of 6 blocks for the school year.  Circle 2 course numbers and enter into the computer.  Application process (on track for graduation and excellent attendance are required.  Transportation is provided  For the kinesthetic learner Northeast Metro 916 Career and Technical Century College A mandatory meeting for students interested in 916 is scheduled for February 13 th in the East Media Center. Computer Hardware & Game Design Animal Science & Food Service EMT & Medical Careers Cosmetology Automotive Technology & Dismantling Law Enforcement

8 Work Program  Application.  Open to all students employed a minimum of 15 hours per week.  Making the transition from school to work after high school.  Must be 16 years old  Receive elective credit  Either 2 or 3 electives.  Ms. Haukos 792-5097

9 AP (Advanced Placement Courses) Earn college credit by taking the AP Exam (Score 1-5) Grade 9 AP Human Geography Grade 10 AP Biology AP Computer Science AP World History Grade 11 or 12 AP Calculus Advanced AP Calculus AP Chemistry AP English Literature AP Microeconomics AP Psychology AP Statistics AP US History AP Biology More info go to the College Board website Mandatory Meeting 2/13 during Advisory in the PAC

10 CollegeCoursesSubstitutionsPre-requisites Anoka Ramsey Community College College Environmental Science (1 Semester) Science Elective Juniors must be in Decile 1-3 Seniors must be in Decile 1-5 Pass Anoka Ramsey Assessment Test requirements See registration book for additional requirements. College Physics (2 semesters) Science Elective University of MN- Twin CitiesAmerican Democracy in a Changing World (1 semester) Government & Citizenship Seniors must be in Decile 1-2 Introduction to Literature (1 semester) World Literature 1 & 2 Students must be in Decile 1-3 Intermediate German (1 semester) Not required for graduation Students must be in Decile 1-3 College in the Schools (CIS) Earn college credit by completing the course What is a decile? Rank 1-10 1 = highest rank Mandatory Meeting 2/13 during Advisory in the PAC

11 4 Years English 3-4 Years Social Studies 3-4 Years of Math (Minimum Advanced Algebra) 3-4 Years of Science 1 Year of Fine Arts 2 Years of World Language Recommended PAGE 3 OF REGISTRATION BOOK FOR MORE INFO ACT or SAT Standardized Test Required Taken in Spring/Summer of Junior Year College Admissions for Four Year Colleges Standardized Test Requirements Oh the places you will go………

12 Online Registration  ENTER YOUR COURSE NUMBERS IN THE COMPUTER  RETURN YOUR REGISTRATION SHEETS TO ADVISORY TEACHER BY FEBRUARY 27, 2013  If you are registering for 916 you will need to have all registration completed by February 20, 2013.

13 10 inches of schedule change requests Schedule Changes Think carefully about your class selection next school year. Our staff is hired on your schedule requests because we have a student driven schedule.

14 Ruth Olson Pamela Dee Ann Sibley Johna-Mon Angela Law Jessica Siler Pat Christiansen Honors Coordinator CHS Licensed School Counselors


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