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History of Nuclear Safety Legislation in Pakistan

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1 History of Nuclear Safety Legislation in Pakistan
Zaheer Ayub Baig Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority National Conference on Application of Nuclear Science and Technology in Pakistan 12 – 13 July, 2012 Islamabad

2 History of Nuclear Safety in Pakistan
1956 Establishment of Pakistan Atomic Energy Council 1964 Constitution of Pakistan Nuclear Safety Committee Promulgation of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Ordinance 1970 Creation of Nuclear Safety and Licensing Division

3 History of Nuclear Safety in Pakistan
1984 Promulgation of Pakistan Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Ordinance 1990 Promulgation of PNSRP Regulations 1994 Convention on Nuclear Safety signed 1994 Creation of Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Board (PNRB) 2001 Establishment of Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA)

4 PAEC Ordinance 1965 Promulgated 29th May, 1965
Approved by National Assembly 21st July, 1965 Function and Powers Promotion of the peaceful uses of atomic energy Mining of nuclear substances Setup companies or enter into joint ventures for execution of major projects or industrial projects (with the prior approval of GoP) To make regulations with the prior approval of GoP

5 PNSRP Ordinance 1984 Promulgated 26th January, 1984
Constitutional cover provided by 8th Amendment Act (Article 270 A) Establishment of Directorate of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Licence required for activities related to nuclear substance or radiation generators

6 PNSRP Ordinance 1984 Powers Conferred Penalties
Make and enforce regulations for nuclear safety and radiation protection Control and regulate radiation safety aspects of nuclear substances and radioactive material Issue licences to activities and facilities dealing with nuclear substances and radiation generators Inspect all licensed nuclear or radiation facilities Penalties Seven years imprisonment or fine of Rs. 100,000/- or both

7 PNSRP Regulations 1990 Issued 12th September, 1990 70 articles
All the powers conferred on PAEC by PNSRP Ordinance , except to make regulations, delegated to DNSRP Procedure for obtaining licence Requirements for performing various activities

8 Convention on Nuclear Safety
Adopted on 17 June 1994 Signed by Pakistan 20 Sep 1994 ARTICLE 8. REGULATORY BODY Each Contracting Party shall establish or designate a regulatory body entrusted with the implementation of the legislative and regulatory framework referred to in Article 7, and provided with adequate authority, competence and financial and human resources to fulfil its assigned responsibilities. Each Contracting Party shall take the appropriate steps to ensure an effective separation between the functions of the regulatory body and those of any other body or organization concerned with the promotion or utilization of nuclear energy

9 Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Board
Creation November, 1994 (Executive order of the Prime Minister) Constitution Chairman Chairman PAEC (Ex-officio) 3 Full Time Members Director General (DNSRP) Secretary Member Finance (PAEC) ex-officio Member Admin (PAEC) ex-officio 5 Part-Time Members Senior Scientists/Engineers/Experts from outside PAEC

10 Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Board
Functions Oversee and review the performance of DNSRP Approve regulations, guides and codes of practice Approve constitution of Advisory committees Review appeal from the aggrieved party against orders passed by DNSRP Approve policy on exemption from licence fee Approve general policies regarding revenues and funds of DNSRP Review and approve research and development projects in nuclear safety, health and environmental protection PAEC to seek separate budgetary allocation for PNRB

11 PNRA Ordinance 2001 Promulgated 22nd January, 2001
Constitutional cover provided by 17th Amendment Act (Article 270 AA) Composition Chairman Two full time members Seven part time members Secretary

12 PNRA Part time members 2 scientists/engineers from Universities
1 Medical Doctor 1 Ministry of Health 1 Environmental Protection Agency 1 PAEC 1 DG (SPD), JSHQ (ex-officio)

13 Major Functions & Responsibilities
Regulate nuclear and radiation facilities Develop and execute policies and programs for protection of life, health and property against risks of ionizing radiation Grant of Licence or Authorization Inspection of nuclear and radiation facilities Ensure implementation of corrective actions Ensure emergency preparedness plans are in place Ensure physical protection of nuclear installations and nuclear materials Fixation of extent of Civil Liability for an operator in case of various nuclear incidents Establish extent of insurance against nuclear damage Environmental monitoring

14 Facilities Requiring Licence From PNRA
Nuclear Power Plants Nuclear Research Reactors Manufacturers of Nuclear Safety Class Equipment and Components Nuclear Medical Centres Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiology (including X-ray Machines) Research Facilities Using Radiation Generators Agriculture Research Centres Industrial Radiography Industrial applications of radiation Irradiators used for sterilization of medical equipment and food preservation

15 Regulations Issued by PNRA
Regulations for the Licensing of Nuclear Safety Class Equipments and Components Manufacturers – PAK/907 Regulations for the Licensing of Radiation Facilities other than Nuclear Installations – PAK/908 Regulations for Licensing of Nuclear Installations – PAK/909

16 Regulations Issued by PNRA
Regulations on Radiation Protection – PAK/904 Regulations on the Safety of Nuclear Installations – Site Evaluation – PAK/910 Regulations on the Safety of Nuclear Power Plant Design – PAK/911 Regulations on the Safety of Nuclear Power Plant Quality Assurance – PAK/912 Regulations on the Safety of Nuclear Power Plants Operation - PAK/913 Regulations on Management of a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency – PAK/914 Regulations on Radioactive Waste Management – PAK/915 Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material – PAK/916 Regulations for Licensing of Nuclear Research Reactor Operation – PAK/923 PNRA Enforcement Regulations – PAK/950 Journey continues

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