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Licensing of Nuclear Power Plants in Pakistan

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1 Licensing of Nuclear Power Plants in Pakistan
MUHAMMAD RAHMAN Director (Directorate of Nuclear Safety) Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority

2 PNRA Licensing Basis Under section 20 of PNRA Ordinance, PNRA is empowered to grant authorization which states that “The Authority may, on application made to it accompanied by such information and documents, as may be prescribed by regulations, grant an authorization for carrying out of such activities as are specified in the authorization for such period as it may specify. Accordingly PNRA has established its regulatory framework for the licensing/authorization of nuclear installations named as “Regulations for Licensing of Nuclear Installation(s) in Pakistan-PAK/909”.

3 PNRA Regulated Facilities
Nuclear Installations and Nuclear Grade Equipment Manufacturer Nuclear Medical Centers & Agriculture Research Centers X-Ray Machines , Diagnostic Radiology & Irradiators used for sterilization of medical equipment Industrial Radiography & Industrial applications of radiation

4 PNRA Regulations Technical Regulations
Regulations on Radiation Protection (PAK/904) Regulations on the Safety in NPP Site Evaluation (PAK/910) Regulations for the Safety of NPP Design (PAK/911) Regulations on the Safety of NPP Quality Assurance (PAK/912) Regulations on the Safety of NPP Operation (PAK/913) Regulations on Management of a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency (PAK/914 ) Regulations on Radioactive Waste Management (PAK/915) Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material (PAK/916)

5 Administrative Regulations
PNRA Regulations Administrative Regulations Regulations on Licensing Fee (PAK/900) Regulations for Licensing of Nuclear Installations (PAK/909) Regulations for Licensing of NPP Equipment Manufacturers (PAK/907) Regulations for Licensing of Radiation Facilities other than Nuclear Installations (PAK/908) PNRA Enforcement Regulations (PAK/950)

6 Licensing Stages for Nuclear Power Plants
Site Registration Construction Licence Permission for Commissioning Loading of nuclear material in the system Operating Licence Annual Renewal Revalidation Authorization for Decommissioning Closure/ Removal from Regulatory Control Control PNRA Licensing Stages

7 Applicable Nuclear Safety and Security Standards
All nuclear installations, for the purposes of siting, design, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning/closure, shall conform to the existing PNRA regulations. In areas where the PNRA regulations are not available, relevant latest US Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations shall be deemed to be applicable. Alternately, the licensee may choose to follow the latest revisions of the applicable IAEA Safety and Security Standards. In case the nuclear safety and security standards of another country are proposed to be followed, the applicant/licensee shall demonstrate to the entire satisfaction of the Authority that the standards, proposed to be followed, offer the same or better standards of safety, security, quality and reliability than would have been offered by the nuclear safety and security standards mentioned above.

8 Design and Safety Criteria
The licensee is required to establish design and safety criteria and obtain PNRA approval Comprising a list of standards and practices to be followed such as Requirements to be followed (Regulations, IAEA Nuclear Safety Standards, 10CFR, etc.) Regulatory and Safety Guides (PNRA, IAEA, NRC) Industrial Codes and Standards (International) Experience Feedback & Practices to be followed

9 Licensing Stages & Submission Requirements
Site Registration Construction License Permission for Commissioning Application Site Evaluation Report (SER) No Objection Certificates (NOC) from relevant government departments Quality Assurance Program for Siting Preliminary Safety Analysis Report (PSAR) Design PSA of full power internal initiating events (for NPPs only) Quality Assurance Program for design and construction phases Commissioning Program Quality Assurance Program for Commissioning Phase

10 Licensing Stages & Submission Requirements
Permission to Introduce Nuclear Material (FLP) Operating License (OL) Revalidation of operating license FSAR QAP for Operation Physical protection program Radioactive waste management program Emergency Preparedness Plans Initial decommissioning plan Environmental monitoring program Radiation protection program PSA Level-1 PSI/ISI program Result of Commissioning tests Update of all documents submitted for FLP Latest reports of periodic safety review (PSR)

11 Licensing Stages & Submission Requirements
Licensing Beyond Design Life License for Decommissioning Or Closure Removal from Regulatory Control Latest reports of Periodic Safety Review Update of all licensing sub-missions required for OL PSA Level 1 Plus based on actual plant data (for NPPs only) Decommissioning Program Final decommissioning Plan Radioactive waste management program Technical specifications during decommissioning Physical protection program Environmental monitoring program Radiation protection program Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) Decommissioning completion report Final radiological survey report

12 Licensing Process Yes No No Yes Submission of Safety Case Safety
Regulations License Conditions Inputs from inspections Inputs of consultants Review & Assessment Case Acceptable Yes No Comments sent Responses received Actions taken and reports submitted Regulatory Position prepared Conduct of Review Meetings Actions identified Issuance of Authorization Issues Resolved No Yes

13 Regulatory Oversight During Different Phases
PNRA has established a well defined Regulatory Oversight Process which will be effectively used during different phases/stages of nuclear installation. For the assessment and analysis of documents submitted by licensee during different phases of nuclear installation as regulatory requirement are subjected to the process of review and assessment and results of these review & assessment are being followed-up, documented and recorded for regulatory compliance during all phases of nuclear installation. Similarly, inspection & enforcement are carried out to ensure compliance with the national regulations, licence and licensing conditions, and commitments made by the applicant/licensee for the safety of nuclear power plants.

14 Regulatory Inspections
Manufacturing Construction Commissioning Operation Decommissioning Inspectors ensures Conformity with the actual conditions Compliance with PNRA regulations Licensing submissions Terms and conditions of the license Inspection Program Includes third party inspections and inspections at manufacturing works

15 Conclusion PNRA Licensing process is quite effective and is in accordance with international standards. PNRA always believe on proven technology and processes. So for PNRA issued Operating Licenses to three operational NPPs. Two construction licenses has been issued to two NPPs.


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