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This is your eGrants Login Page. Enter your User Name and Password. 1Exit a member in eGrants.

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1 This is your eGrants Login Page. Enter your User Name and Password. 1Exit a member in eGrants

2 Once you log in to your eGrants account, this is the page you will see. You want to choose “Portal Home” 2Exit a member in eGrants

3 Once you choose to go to your Portal Home, you will automatically be sent to your “S&N Workbasket” tab. From here you will click on “Manage Members”. 3Exit a member in eGrants

4 This is your “Manage Members” page. You will visit this page often. Please note this is very important: You must use Internet Explorer to exit members. This action will not work in Firefox or Safari. 4Exit a member in eGrants

5 Before you can exit a member, you must first find the member’s record. The easiest way is to enter in the member’s name from the “Manage Members” tab and then hit the “submit” button. 5Exit a member in eGrants

6 Most of the time, this search will only return with one member. (If the search does return with more than one member, the best thing to do is to use the date of birth on the search page.) Again, usually you will get your member on the first try. To open the member’s record, select the member’s name. 6Exit a member in eGrants

7 This is the member’s “Home” page. We want to exit this member so we will click on “Exit Member”. 7Exit a member in eGrants

8 There is a lot of information on this page, so we will use this slide and the following two slides to go over it. The first thing to note is that you have the option here to update the member’s address from their exit form. Please be sure that these fields match what the member has on their exit form. 8Exit a member in eGrants

9 This is where you let AmeriCorps know if the member wishes further information. You must choose either click “Yes” and choose an issue area, or click “No”. 9Exit a member in eGrants

10 This last section is very important. You are responsible for certifying the accuracy of the member’s information and time served. Once you have done so, click “submit”. PLEASE NOTE: eGrants has added a section to certify the member’s exit, if the member did not sign their exit form. 10Exit a member in eGrants

11 11 In the case of an exit with no award or partial award, when you as the Campus Partner sign the exit form Part 1, in lieu of the member, (ex: Member Unavailable to Sign”) you must have documentation in the member’s file that you have attempted to contact them (ex: “No Award” email) and received no response, or documentation from the member that they wish to discontinue their service (ex: email from member). Please see for more information.

12 Once you have certified the member’s exit, you will be redirected to the member’s “Home” page. The top of the screen now says, “The exit form has been saved.” At this point, you will go back and click again on “Exit Member”—just like you did earlier. 12Exit a member in eGrants

13 This is the same exit form that we saw and completed earlier. The difference is, the information we had access to earlier, is now “grey” and we can not access that information. 13Exit a member in eGrants

14 Again, this screen is from before, but the information is not accessible to modify. Keep scrolling down the page. Scroll Down for more information 14Exit a member in eGrants

15 This is where you will complete the member’s exit. Under “Service Information” you will have access to the fields you need to continue the exit of your member. In the first field (first red arrow below) please enter the number of hours the member actually served. Below that (second red arrow) enter the “current date” as the completion date. 15Exit a member in eGrants

16 Under the heading “Education Award Status”, there is a drop down box. Click on the arrow to find the selection you want. Then, just like earlier, you will have to certify the information you have just entered. When you are done, click on the “approve” button at the bottom of the page. Note: Always choose “Yes” as to satisfactory performance, even if member “exits without award”. The exception to this is if we have documentation from the member’s Site Supervisor, that member’s performance was not satisfactory. 16Exit a member in eGrants

17 Once again, the system takes you straight to the member’s “Home” page and now at the top of the page, it says in red, “The exit form has been approved. The member has been exited.” 17Exit a member in eGrants

18 To find your member’s information (i.e. after the exit is complete and you want to verify their status in eGrants), you will click on “Manage Members”. This is what you will see on the “Manage Members” screen. 18Exit a member in eGrants

19 From here, all you will usually have to do is type in the member’s First and Last name. (If it is a common name like “John Smith”, you may wish to also enter the member’s date of birth, but that will usually not be necessary.) 19Exit a member in eGrants

20 Usually, you will get back only the member that you need. IF you get back two members with the same name AND same program year, and can not figure out which is your member, go back and use the date of birth to get only your member. Once you have your member, click on the member’s name. That will take you to the member’s “Home” page in the eGrants system. Please note that under status, the member shows “Exited”. 20Exit a member in eGrants

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