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The SAT 10 Mission Lauderdale County Schools Mission Possible!!

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2 The SAT 10 Mission Lauderdale County Schools Mission Possible!!

3 Hello, Students. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to improve your test scores on the SAT 10 test.

4 The SAT 10 is a standardized test given to all 3 rd -8 th grade students in Lauderdale County. As far as you are concerned, this test supposedly reflects how much you’ve learned. Yeah, right! Everyone knows that one multiple choice test can’t really measure how much you know.

5 HOWEVER, Your scores are going to follow you from year to year, from school to school. Your scores can affect the courses you must take. (For example, you might have to give up an elective in order to take a reading course.) Your scores become a part of your permanent student record, so you might as well try your best.

6 Here are some Strategies to help you successfully complete your mission.

7 Listen carefully. This message will self- destruct in 5 seconds.

8 Strategy #1 Prepare for this mission.

9 How Do You Prepare? 1.Know what to expect. The SAT 10 is multiple-choice. It is given for 5 days. Depending on your grade, it will test reading, language, math, science, and social studies. It is timed. Answers are on a bubble sheet. Every student in grades 3-8 in Alabama takes this test in April. You are not alone!

10 2. Check your attitude. Nervousness is natural. Studies show a little nervousness helps you to be more alert. The mission is accomplished one question at a time. Very few people get it all right, so don’t worry if some questions seem too hard. Stay relaxed. If you start to feel nervous, take a few deep breaths. If you think you can do well, you can do well! Keep a positive attitude. Confidence is half the battle!!!

11 3. Know why you are on this mission. To find out how much you have learned. To see how we compare to other schools in our district, other districts in our county, other counties in our state, other states in our country and how we compare to education in the rest of the world. Success in this test can bring you money, goodies, scholarships, the ability to participate in special programs, and recognition for your efforts.

12 Strategy #2 Follow each step of the training procedure.

13 Steps to take BEFORE the test Get a good night’s sleep. Eat a good normal breakfast. Don’t go wild on coffee or colas or you’ll spend your time wanting to go to the bathroom. Get to school on time. Dress comfortably. Dress in layers in case the room temperature changes. Bring any required materials (pencil, paper, etc.) Relax. This is NOT a good day to tell your parents you want a tattoo.

14 Tip from a 4 th Grader Eat blue M & M’s just before the test – this brings good luck.

15 Steps to Take DURING the Test 1.Listen to and read instructions carefully. Be sure you understand what to do for each part of the test. 2. Expect some items to be easy and some to be hard. Answer the easy questions first to give your brain a chance to warm up.

16 3. Question Strategies Read every word of the question. Come up with the answer in your head before looking at the possible choices. Eliminate answers you know aren’t right. Read all the choices before choosing your answer. If you have a hunch about an answer, go with the hunch. If you don’t have a clue about the answer, GUESS and select an answer.

17 More Question Strategies If you are just guessing, guess the same letter each time. For example, select the letter “c” each time you guess and you will increase your chances of getting some of your guesses right. Don’t keep on changing answers. Usually your first choice is the right answer unless you misread the question. A positive choice is more likely to be right than a negative choice. If you are stuck on a question, skip it and come back to it.

18 4. Budget your time Do the easiest questions first. Don’t waste time but don’t rush to finish. Use as much of the available time as you need.

19 5. Stay Focused It doesn’t matter if others finish before you. Don’t rush. There is no prize for finishing early. Keep your mind focused on what you are doing. Remember the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. The turtle finished the race by continuing steadily.

20 What else do you need to know to accomplish the mission? What if I see an answer I haven’t covered in class? –Don’t worry! The SAT 10 is designed to cover all of the Alabama standards as well as standards of other states. –Some of the information may not have been covered yet in your class. You may not be at that level yet.

21 Can my score be reduced if I don’t bubble my sheet properly? Yes! Know how to mark the answer sheet. Fill in the bubble completely. Erase any stray marks. Stay on the right line. You may use a notecard or sheet of paper to keep your place and make sure you are marking the bubble for the right number. Keep track of skipped questions. If you make a little mark beside skipped questions to come back to them, make sure you erase these marks.

22 Is there an advantage to learning test strategies? Yes! There is! The more you know about a test or about test taking will make you more confident in your abilities. Better preparedness will give you a better attitude about test taking. Your test score is about what you have learned and HOW you test. Any advantage is a help.

23 What if I finish early? Ask yourself these questions: Did I answer every question? Did I bubble in completely? Did I erase any small check marks I put on my test to keep track of missed or skipped questions? Did I double check for misread questions? YES?... Then relax. You did everything you need to do.

24 What if I’m absent? Do I get out of testing? Sorry! This year the tests will be made up. If you miss one day and one test, you will make up that one day’s test. If you miss 2 days and 2 tests, you will make up those two days of tests. Bottom line – Everyone needs to be in school to take the test! You’ll take it now or later, and if later, you will miss valuable class time.

25 Personal Advice You don’t have to wear the same shirt, socks, or underwear everyday just because you think they’re lucky. BUT, if you do, please wash them!!

26 Myths Magic pencils and smart pencils may help, but please, no magic beans. Powerade doesn’t give you power; it just makes you go to the restroom.

27 Nothing but the Truth No matter what you think, there is ALWAYS one right answer even if the correct answer is “None of the above.” Don’t look at your neighbor’s test. You probably know more than they do anyway.

28 Remember... If you accept the mission and don’t do well, your teachers and parents will deny that they know you. JUST KIDDING!! Who are you? Surely, you weren’t in my class.

29 Believe in Yourself!! Remember that the way you think about yourself has a powerful influence on your test performance. Take a team approach. You’re not just taking this test to raise your test score. You and your classmates are working together to raise your school’s score. Be a team player.

30 Just another day and another assignment… and Mission Accomplished!

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