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Van Nuys Middle School STAR Testing Strategies

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1 Van Nuys Middle School STAR Testing Strategies
Understanding the challenge Test taking strategies that work Doing our best Being confident

2 Tools and Strategies to Prepare for the CST
Measuring Up – ELA, MATH CST Released Test Questions – ELA, MATH, HISTORY, SCIENCE Kaplan Test-Taking Strategies – ELA, MATH Periodic Assessments – ELA, MATH, HISTORY SCIENCE Jeopardy and millionaire math games History Jeopardy Power Points Study Island – ELA, MATH, HISTORY, SCIENCE Daily warm-ups as a way of accessing prior knowledge Dialogue with your fellow teachers Instilling confidence in our students by recognizing their hard work, not their intelligence

3 Commonly asked questions regarding standardized tests.

4 Why do we spend so much time reviewing the instructions?
If you do not understand how to take the test, YOU could make a major mistake that could negatively affect your score. If you have any questions about how to take the test ASK THE TEACHER. It’s our job to answer the questions you have.

5 Can my test score be lowered if I do not bubble in the right way?
YES! Make sure you are bubbling in the answer completely. Use a dark, #2 pencil. Keep track of skipped answers and make sure your questions and answers match up on the answer sheet. Every fifth question (5,10, 15, so on) check to make sure your test booklet and answer sheet match up.

6 Getting Stuck What should I do if I get stuck on a question? Should I work at it for a while, or should I skip it?

7 Getting Stuck Skip it. If you don’t get it within a minute you are wasting time. Leave that space blank and move on to the next problem. When you get to the end of the test, come back and use the strategies for guessing. If you run out of time, make sure you answer every question.

8 Guessing If I don’t know the answer should I guess, or is it better to leave the answer blank?

9 Guessing YES!!! Guess, but only if you don’t know the answer. Guessing is the last thing you do, not the first! Try to eliminate any obviously wrong answers first. You are not marked down for wrong answers, so a guess is better than a blank space.

10 Guessing “All of the Above” and “None of the Above” should be considered carefully. If the choice uses words like “never” and “always” it is usually wrong. Once you guess, stick with your answer. Only change if you are absolutely sure you are wrong. If you get 5 “All or None of the above” in a row….you may want to go back and double check.

11 Why do we have to take these tests?
The state of California wants to know how much you know compared to other students in the same grade. Your teachers need to know what you know and what you still need to learn. That way, they will be able to teach you better.

12 How well are we expected to do on the test?
You should always try to do your best. Your scores on these tests will influence the classes you are assigned next year.

13 How well are we expected to do on the test?
You should show improvement from last year’s score to this year’s score; that means you have learned more than you were expected to learn in 1 year. If your score remains the same, that means you have learned 1-years worth of work. Your score should not go down.

14 Remember, this test is used to measure what you do know, not to make you feel bad because of what you don’t know.

15 What if there is a question we haven’t covered in class?
That is expected. The standardized tests are designed to test every State Standard. Since the test is administered before the end of the year, some of the information may not have been covered yet in your classes. Do your best on what you do know and remember from class.

16 What about test anxiety?

17 Test anxiety! It is normal to be nervous. Just slow down and relax.
Take a few deep breaths. Very few people get it all right. Remember: No one has ever died from taking the standardized test. Take the tests one day at a time.

18 Fight Test Anxiety! If you have a positive attitude going into the test, chances are you will do better. Having a positive attitude will only make you feel better.

19 What can I do to be physically ready?
Get a good night’s sleep! You need to be rested and ready for the challenge of the new day. This does not mean sleep in and get to school late, it means go to bed earlier. Eat a good breakfast. The school will even see that you have one; we will feed you for free. Stay away from soda, candy and coffee. They will make you too hyper to take the test.

20 And…. Stay Positive!

21 the California Standards Test!
Mighty Mustangs... Do Your Best on the California Standards Test! © MMII Kawalec Llamas Inc. Productions

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