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OAA Preparation Classroom instruction 2 box / 4 box responses

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1 OAA Preparation Classroom instruction 2 box / 4 box responses
Every day your teachers are helping you learn It just happens to be on this test too 2 box / 4 box responses SMART Goals

2 Week Before Envision success – See it! Practice what you’ve learned
Relax – Don’t Panic Discuss concerns with parents or other trusted adult

3 Each Night Before the Test
Eat healthy dinner Relax – no cramming for the test DATA Alert – The National Sleep Institute states that teenagers need 9 or more hours of sleep each night for optimal performance! SLEEP

4 Day of the Test Eat breakfast high in protein
DATA Alert – a doughnut may taste delicious but it provides just enough fuel to get you to the testing room (just 40 minutes of fuel!) A breakfast high in protein and complex carbohydrates will fuel your body and brain through the whole test!

5 Dress for the Test Stay in dress code but…
Wear Comfortable Clothing!!!! Uncomfortable clothes can distract. Dress in layers. You can always remove a layer but it is impossible to add them once the test begins.

6 For the Test Come Prepared!!! Bring pencils to the testing room.
Calculators will be provided Be mentally prepared!

7 Ohio Achievement Assessments
Provide insight into what you’ve learned this year Data (scores) used by your teachers next year Helps prepare you and your teachers for high school courses and OGTs your sophomore year See how well you can do! Made up of multiple choice, 2 point and 4 point questions

8 During the Test Read the questions carefully
Read questions before reading the passage

9 During the Test Most multiple choice questions have two answers that you can eliminate right off bat. Look out for the absolutes All None Always Never etc...

10 During the Test Best Answer!
Check for the “look alike” answers to choose between. Look for the most inclusive answer!

11 During the Test You may skip difficult questions
make sure you are filling in correct bubbles if you do this You may write in your test booklet Underline or circle important words Write your answers next to the number for later (multiple choice)

12 During the Test Relax! Relax! Relax!
Listen carefully to the directions Ask questions If you get stuck, don’t panic! Take a deep breath Read questions first before long passages Check over answers

13 During the Test For 2 point questions use the 2 box strategy
Underline or circle important information

14 After the Test You did it! Have confidence in your answers.
If you finish before time is up, go back and review your answers. Make sure you have bubbled nice and neat! Make sure you’ve bubbled in the correct answer (if you wrote them next to the number, double check them now)

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