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Repondez Online Party Planning for aspiring entertainers ages 21-40 style plan invite shop Enjoy High-level solution concepts & design.

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1 Repondez Online Party Planning for aspiring entertainers ages 21-40 style plan invite shop Enjoy High-level solution concepts & design

2 Repondez Repondez provides free, style-forward invitations, with basic planning and desirable premium services for creating memorable events to match any budget, any mood and any time. Featuring: Exclusive curated content Themed décor Integrated planning Unique themed party products and services Affiliated local suppliers and personalized services

3 Repondez Competitors focus on invitations and schedule. Planning and buying aren’t integrated, causing a fragmented experience The target audience is aspirational but time- constrained. They value: –Convenience over cost “If I have to go out to pick up food or a cake, I’d rather get everything locally. It’s easier” –Flexibility “Sometimes I need to plan on short notice, so I want to pick an all-inclusive package. Other times I’ll want to plan every detail” –Unique styles “I don’t want to use the same decorations that someone else used last month” –Help and guidance “I want help to do it right. I’ll want to talk to someone directly for a really important event”.

4 Repondez Party planning sentiment spans two distinct domains: Emotional: Mood, design & style, flavors, tastes, guest perceptions Emotional engagement drives higher adoption and spend. Success Drivers: Engage early with mood and theme, tapping into the emotional attributes of entertainment Rational :Convenience, cost, planning/logistics, ease of use Expert advice, content and all-in-one solutions ranked highly. Planning tools don’t rank highly (unless they are difficult to use) except invitations, status and task reminders. Success Drivers: Design an experience that guides, assures and provides all-in-one convenience.

5 Repondez Assumptions: Planners may purchase individual components of some package offerings Copy and process will highlight the value of full suite of services, create and leverage opportunities for upsells and partner services. Focus of first release is personal party planning, US English only. Later releases may include: –Corporate events –Commercial events (Club Parties, Professional/Travel Planning, etc.) –Other countries/languages

6 features Repondez

7 Early sketches evolved a natural flow style select a mood or theme plan Create your party - guests, food, music, catering, services, rentals invite Import contacts from email/Facebook, track and send reminders shop Customize selections, add options and features from Repondez or local partners enjoy Relax, it’s under control! Home pageStyle Browser PlannerTheme & Options Party Dashboard Party Book

8 Selecting a style is central to the experience Scrolling down long thumbnail displays of styles is a negative experience in most online invitation sites. The Repondez selection process is natural and engaging, using familiar emotional and thematic words that evoke mood and style. Results are easily filtered by color, expert recommendations, popularity, cost, etc.

9 Creating an immersive experience More than a product description, the Theme page evokes the possibilities beyond free invitations, showcasing products and to expand and fine-tune the party experience. ‘Party In A Box’ Décor packages Menus Checklists & tips Exclusive content Full Service Party Custom/imprinted décor Telephone concierge Local suppliers with discounts or free delivery on party day Customized curated content and tools Options and upsells Custom Party Web Site Streaming party music

10 Curated content is a key asset Exclusive content assembled in the form of a custom Party Guide Book for premium packages. A subset of the content is available online for free users or package-only buyers. A complete roadmap for the successful party, with step- by-step instructions, professional commentary, recommendations and tips, and detailed information about the specific products and services purchased. Available on the Party Dashboard and as a pdf download.

11 Pages for planners and guests The Party Dashboard integrates themed content, planning and support tools, allowing the host to manage every aspect of the party, guests, features and services. The Party Site lets guests stay in touch, get assignments, directions, view and add photos, videos, comments, social network links…a permanent record of a memorable occasion.

12 home page visuals Repondez

13 Rotating home page imagery showcases solutions and sets an emotional context




17 thank you Repondez

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