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AdWords Instructor: Dawn Rauscher. Quality Score in Action 0a2PVhPQ 0a2PVhPQ.

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1 AdWords Instructor: Dawn Rauscher

2 Quality Score in Action 0a2PVhPQ 0a2PVhPQ

3 Quality Score The higher your Quality Score, the higher your ad will be ranked and the lower your costs will be. Key Factors –Keyword's click-through rate (CTR) –The relevance of your ad text –Keyword, and landing page –Several other factors. Quality Score is calculated every time a keyword matches a search query Quality Score is also used to determine your keyword CPC.

4 Clickthrough Rate (CTR) A way of measuring the success of an online advertising campaign. Divide the "number of users who clicked on an ad" on a web page by the "number of times the ad was delivered" (impressions). For example, if a AdWords Ad was delivered 100 times (impressions delivered) and 1 person clicked on it (clicks recorded), then the resulting CTR would be 1 percent.

5 Landing Page Quality is influenced by: – The usefulness and relevance of information provided on the page –Ease of navigation –Load time –How many links are on the page

6 Impact of Quality Score Influences your keywords’ CPC Determines whether a keyword is eligible to enter the ad auction when user queries Affecting how high your ad will be ranked

7 Landing Page “No problems found” “This page isn’t highly relevant”

8 Relevance –Users should be able to find what your ad promises –Link to the page on your site that provides the most useful information about the product or service in your ad

9 Originality Feature unique content that can’t be found on another site. Provide substantial information on landing page AdWords will not show multiple ads directing to identical or similar landing pages at the same time.

10 Transparency Your Business Information –Share information openly –Honor the deals and offers you promote Your Site’s interaction with a visitor’s computer –Avoid altering users’ browser behavior –If site automatically installs software, be upfront Visitors’ Personal Information –Don’t request personal information –If you do, provide a privacy policy

11 Navigability Provide a short path to what you are selling Avoid excessive pop-ups Make sure landing page loads quickly

12 Tools for Landing Page & Site Quality Google Analytics Website Optimizer

13 Monitoring Quality Scores Keyword Analysis Page –Click the “Status” column next to any keyword in campaign Keyword Status CTR Column –The higher the CTR rate the better the ad group is probably doing –CTR over 1% on Google is very good

14 Keyword Status Eligible - Keywords are eligible to trigger ads Disapproved - Keywords don’t comply Paused/Deleted Low search volume - Suspended because they are associated with low search traffic Low Quality Score - not likely to trigger ads

15 Improving Quality Score Review Quality Scores frequently When low, work on improving them

16 Tightly Themed Ad Groups Each of your ad groups should advertise a single product or service An ideal ad group has a handful of similar keywords and a few relevant ads

17 Locations and Languages Be sure to target only the languages and locations that are relevant for your business

18 Write Descriptive Ads Clearly describe your product What makes your product unique? Include a call to action such Make sure your ad links to the most relevant page on your site

19 Evaluate your site design Take a close look at your site’s overall layout and functionality Sites that are attractive, easy to navigate, and informative tend to get higher landing page quality scores

20 AdWords Bidding Amount you are willing to pay per click Ranking on the Search Network –Matched keyword’s CPC bid –Quality Score Ranking on the Display Network –Ad Group default bid –Ad’s pas performance –Landing page quality

21 Focus on Clicks Cost-per-click (CPC) bidding –Pay only when someone clicks your ad –Recommended if you’re mostly interested in getting traffic on your site Two Options –Automatic (Daily Budget) –Manual (Control own maximum CPC bids)

22 Focus on Impressions Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) –Pay for every 1000 times bid appears –Good for branding, Ad visibility

23 Impacts of Bids on Ranking Bid helps determine your Ad Rank Increasing your maximum CPC can improve the position of your ad

24 Setting AdWords Bids Bid you set is up to you. Your maximum CPC bid represents the highest amount you are willing to spend You can set the bid at the ad group level or for individual keywords Maximum CPC bid must be at least US$0.01

25 Setting your CPC How much is a visitor to your website worth? If a click has a high value to you, then you might want to set a high bid Be sure that your daily budget is higher than your CPC. Otherwise, your ad won’t show

26 Ad Scheduling Tool for adjusting your bids for different times of day or days of the week More effective than manual changes and bid adjustments Can create up to six time periods per day.

27 Demographic Bidding Target your ads to a specific group of customers Example: Women between the ages of 35 and 44 Demographic bidding page of your campaign

28 Position Preference Sophisticated advertisers have more control over the positioning of their ads Attempts to show your ad only when the Ad Rank has placed your ad in the positions you selected. Ad Rank places the ad in a higher spot, position preference will discount your maximum CPC bid to move the ad into your desired range.

29 AdWords Budgets Each campaign has a daily budget –Adjusted at any time Types of Delivery –Standard Delivery (Spread impressions) –Accelerated Delivery (Often as possible)

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