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Scotland Workshop Edinburgh Ian Wilcox PSN Stakeholder Engagement 21st January, 2011.

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1 Scotland Workshop Edinburgh Ian Wilcox PSN Stakeholder Engagement 21st January, 2011

2 What is PSN? PSN is a ‘secure private internet’ for the public sector – it is like the internet but with the security that HMG requires. It will create ‘a network of networks’ from multiple suppliers to encourage a competitive marketplace It will ‘look’ and ‘feel’ like a single network to its public sector customers, even though it is being provided by numerous suppliers; It will allow industry to develop innovative products and generate savings across the public sector

3 PSN – A Network of Networks A private internet for the Public Sector Security assured Service assured Open technical standards Co-ordinated commercial standards Shareable services

4 Why PSN? Most departments, agencies, local authorities, police authorities etc have their own network. At least 2000 networks exist, connecting around 5.5 million public sector workers over hundreds of sites. The aim of PSN is to work with these bodies to rationalise and standardise the networks to: Savings on duplicated connections, multiple procurements and service and maintenance overheads Enhance the ability for collaborative working between departments - deliver service efficiency and enable the sharing of sensitive information Make mobile working easier, offering potential savings from flexible working and better use of public estates Provide opportunities to share applications and data centre capacity

5 PSN – Local and Regional Government is Leading the Way Dorset PSN....and many more

6 Customer PSN DocumentC-GovL-GovGCNSPPSNSPDNSP Technical PSN Operating Model PSN Technical Domain Description GCN Service Description PSN Transition Guide PSN Compliance Commercial PSN Business Case PSN Benefits Guide PSN Commercial Guidelines Procurement of PSN Services Guide Questionnaire - Central Government Questionnaire – Local Government Statement of Fairness for GCN Providers Contract PSN Code Templates: Code Of Connection (CoCo) Code Of Interconnection (CoICo) * Code Of Practice (CoP) * Deed of Undertaking (DoU) Comms Local Government PSN Leaflet Central Government PSN Leaflet PSN Position Statements PSN Presentation Pack * For Local Authorities who have a supplier role, e.g. PBSA PSN Documentation Set

7 PSN is becoming a reality MPRG review completed in Nov 2010. Programme seen as being able to deliver benefits and will continue MTCF and GCF frameworks let – Q2 2011 ‘Early Delivery’ projects underway – there are currently three phases mapped out 1.Hampshire & Kent deliveries will create initial ‘GCN’ and DNSP services by end Feb 2011. 2.Connection to the Government Secure intranet (GSi), to allow parallel running during transition, by Q2 2011. 3.Other Customers and supplier connections introduced from Q2 2011. PSNA operational, Q2 2011 (PSN moving from development to deployment) PSN Frameworks subject to policy review

8 Contact us at: Visit us at: library/public-sector-network

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