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Developing Personal Identity and Character

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1 Developing Personal Identity and Character
Chapter 3 Lesson #2 Pages 72-77

2 Developing a Positive Identity
Objective 1: Identify how personal identity describes who you are. Objective 2: Identify and describe the traits of good character. Objective 3: Describe the ways to develop a healthy identity.

3 Open Book quiz Remember, you may use only your book! Use a #2 pencil.
Fill in the scantron the following: Name: FIRST AND LAST Subject: CH. 3 QUIZ Date:______ class: fill in the period

4 Your Personal Identity (pg. 178)
Your sense of yourself as a unique individual How your Identity Forms; Likes and dislikes Your relationships and experiences with family and friends With age, develop your own opinions Values and beliefs May have a role model: someone whose success or behavior serves as an example to you. Occupational goals Relationship expectations

5 Importance of good character
Character: The distinctive qualities that describe how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. Good character is an outward expression of inner values. A person with good character demonstrates core ethical values (responsibility, honesty, and respect).

6 Traits of good character
Trustworthy: Honest, loyal, and reliable Respect: Considerate to others and accept their differences. Treat others with care & respect Responsibility: Think before you act and consider the consequences. You don’t blame others for your actions Fairness: play by the rules, take turns, and share. You’re open minded and listen to others

7 Good Character continued
Caring: Kind and compassionate. Express gratitude and are forgiving toward others. Help people in need. Citizenship: Advocate for a safe and healthy environment at school and in the community. You take interest in the world around you. Obey the rules and laws and show respect for authority.

8 What it takes to Gain a Healthy Identity (pg. 75)
1) Recognize your strengths and weaknesses Take pride in your strengths and accomplishments Set goals for accomplishing your weaknesses Activity: Partner up and list 3 different strengths you feel your partner has List 3 of your weaknesses. THEN, what are you doing to improve your weakness? 2) Demonstrate positive values Guide your actions and influence the decisions you make. Ex: show honesty, comfort a sad friend, being trustworthy, etc. Activity: Share a story with your partner when you demonstrated one of your positive values and how you felt afterwards.

9 Healthy Identity 3) Develop a purpose in your life
Framework for your mental health as your grow Sense of purpose = goals and achieving them Activity: Share one long term goal with your partner and WHY you want to achieve it. Will the why bring you happiness? Discuss. - 4) Form meaningful relationships Helps develop a sense of purpose in your life Helps build confidence and a sense of security or belonging Activity: Share with your partner how a person can be a positive influence on you and how they could be a negative influence on you.

10 Healthy Identity 5) Avoid unhealthy risk behaviors
A normal part of life, helps define and develop you Healthful risk-taking has a positive effect on developing who you are as a person Unhealthy risks can be dangerous 6) Contribute to the community Provides services and resources to meet your needs Giving back gives you a sense of accomplishment

11 iPad vocabulary activity
Open: iSwifter APP Open the bookmarks tab and choose: “Glencoe chapter activities” Open: “Student Center” Drop Down: “Chapter Activities” Choose: “Chapter 3” Open: “Interactive Study Guides” Open: “Lesson #2”

12 Lesson review Concentration Game:
Continue clicking on the squares until you feel the word matches the definition. Then click, “Check answers”.

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