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Creating an Award Winning Cover Letter MIS 424 Dr. Jennifer Leonard.

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1 Creating an Award Winning Cover Letter MIS 424 Dr. Jennifer Leonard

2 Contents of the Letter Heading Addressee Greeting Introduction What I can do for you Professionally What I can do for you Personally Contact me Closing

3 Heading Use the same layout as your résumé. This is very professional looking. Use a READABLE FONT Make sure your phone number and other contact information is correct. Make sure that there is ALWAYS someone to answer the phone –Answering machine –Cell phone with voice messaging

4 Examples versus

5 Addressee Know the name and title of the person to whom you are writing. If not, know the title –If you don’t know, try to find out –If you can’t find out – use something generic “Human Resources Director” Know the address of the company to whom you are writing. MAKE SURE THESE ARE CORRECT!

6 Examples Jennifer Leonard, Ph.D. Dr. Jennifer Leonard Professor Jennifer Leonard Jennifer Leonard, Information Systems Jennifer Leonard, Professor of MIS NOT!!!! –Jenny Leonard –Ms. Jenny Leonard –Mr. **** –Brett Smith

7 Greeting Use name if you know it –Dear Dr. Leonard, –Professor Leonard, –Dear Jennifer, If not, some suggestions: –Greetings, –Dear Sir or Madame, (I hate this!) –Hello, –Omit it totally

8 Introduction What job do you want? Where did you hear about it? Do you have a personal reference? Short “gotcha” sentence Be excited! DO NOT: –I am writing with respect to… (I know you are writing – I have the letter in front of me.) –Enclosed please find my résumé…(Gee, I hope so!)

9 Examples I was pleased to see your ad for a Web Master in this morning’s Gazette. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to apply for your Web Master position. Your ad for a Web Master in yesterday’s Gazette really sparked my interest. John Smith recently told me that you are looking for a web master.

10 Another Example I was very excited to find your ad in the Billings Gazette for a Web Master. Your organization will need someone who is results oriented and has extensive managerial and web design experience. I have both!

11 Professionally A few short sentences about qualifications required that you have Try to keep “me”, “my” and “I” to a minimum Use “You” and “your” as much as possible.

12 Example Your new Web Master will need to have good project management skills. At XYZ Company, I was the project manager for six different projects ranging from being the head web designer to creating the websites from scratch. All of these projects were brought in on-time and on-budget. Additionally, I can bring you highly developed skills in both FrontPage and DreamWeaver.

13 Personally Blow your own horn! Tell the truth! Don’t tell about the bad things –“Even though I spent 14 years in prison for murdering my old boss, I have learned how to work well with others.” Sell Yourself

14 Example NO I am very detailed oriented, which is something you need in a wed master. YES In addition to my professional qualifications, you deserve an individual who is on-time, dedicated, and knows how to “think cow”. I am that person!

15 Contact Me Thanks! Be upbeat! Don’t put too many limits on contacting you. –I am available after 5pm to take your call. –Fridays at noon is the best time to reach me. Say you will contact them Make sure that you give your contact information AGAIN. Don’t make them look for it!

16 Examples If I may, I will call your office on Thursday to see when we may schedule a time to discuss how we may be of benefit to each other. I appreciate the time you took to look over my résumé. I hope that I will hear from you soon, as I am very excited about the prospect of joining your team.

17 More examples I am very excited about the prospect of joining your team. You may reach me at 406-256-6057 at any time (just leave a message) or e-mail me at Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting you.

18 Closing & Enclosures Closing –Sincerely, –Yours truly, Enclosures –Enc: Résumé –Enclosure: Résumé

19 Things to watch… Spelling –Wed Master (Web Master) –Report (Rapport) Grammar –I have improved my manager, people and phone skills. –Past experiences –I was responsible for the performance of all the employees, including the service department.

20 More things More weird stuff –I would appreciate it if you would keep this inquiry confidential. –As my present employer is unaware of my current job search, I would appreciate it if you would keep this inquiry confidential. Other Stuff –Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES use your employers’ phone or e-mail address, letterhead, etc!!!!

21 REMEMBER Your reader has a very short attention span Don’t repeat what is in your résumé Don’t include tons of personal information Don’t tell my why you are unhappy with your job or why you left your last job. MAKE ME WANT TO LOOK AT YOUR RESUME AND TALK TO YOU!

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