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Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes Mrs. Steverson And Miss Grapes.

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1 Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes Mrs. Steverson And Miss Grapes

2 English is a living language, and it is growing all the time!!!! New words come into our language when words are borrowed from other languages.

3 Why do we need to learn Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes????

4 That’s simple… Many English words and word elements can be traced back to Latin and Greek. You can guess the meaning of a word if you know the meaning of the root and/or affixes.

5 What is a “root”? NO!!! Not that kind… but close.

6 A root is… A part of a word It contains the core meaning of the word, but it cannot stand alone. Just like the root of a tree, it is the foundation,but it needs other parts to be complete.

7 Examples of roots Greek Root -phon- (sound) *telephone- distant sound device Latin Root -port- (to carry) *transport- to carry across

8 What is an affix??? Affixes are prefixes and suffixes.

9 Prefixes are… Words that are added to the beginning of words that change the meaning of the word. Words that cannot stand alone.

10 Examples of Prefixes Greek Prefix Auto- (self) * autobiography- writing of ones life story Latin Prefix Dis- (not) * disconnect- to not connect

11 Suffixes are… Word parts set at the end of words that changes the words meaning. Most often they will change the words part of speech.

12 Examples of suffixes Greek Suffix -ize (forms verbs from nouns and adjectives) *hospitalize- to put in the hospital Latin Suffix -able, ible (forms adjectives and means capable or worthy) *likable- the ability to be liked

13 otsprefixesandsuffixes/ Now let’s see what Tim and Moby have to say…

14 Now, how are we going to learn all of this?????

15 In your notebooks, you should have a section labeled Greek and Latin Roots

16 We will begin with Prefixes

17 At the beginning of each day you will be given a prefix. At the top of the page write the word “Prefixes” For example, today’s prefix is… Co- Write “co-” on the first line of this page. Tell whether it is Greek or Latin.

18 Next, you will define the prefix, using a dictionary. Today, you will be given the definition. Co- means together

19 After you have defined the prefix, you will find three words, in the dictionary, that contain that prefix. Write those words and their definitions under that prefix. MAKE SURE THE WORD CONTAINS THE PREFIX’S DEFINITION!!!!

20 An example of a page Prefixes Co- (Latin) together Coexist - live together Coauthor- write a piece of work together Coedit- edit together

21 We will do this everyday for 10 days. On the eleventh day, we will have a review on all ten words. On the twelfth day, we will have an assessment of those ten words. On our testing weeks we will not get new words, we will do Standard Starters as bell work.

22 Will our assessments be cumulative??? Yes.

23 We will do the same process for all Greek and Latin Prefixes, Roots and Suffixes.

24 Any Questions?

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