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Pandemics and Emerging Diseases SBI 4UI Mrs. Tuma.

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1 Pandemics and Emerging Diseases SBI 4UI Mrs. Tuma

2 Population Health mortality rate (deaths) - by age group - infant/maternal mortality as key indicators morbidity – how many people are ill/affected - some diseases may leave lasting effects - significant economic impact

3 Population Health Disease in Developing Countries - infectious disease widespread - population distribution shows effects Disease in Developed Countries - infectious disease still prevalent BUT… - chronic and lifestyle diseases take over (e.g.: cancer, diabetes, heart disease)

4 What does that mean? Endemic – disease is limited to a particular region eg: malaria Epidemic – disease has many cases above a baseline amount Pandemic- worldwide spread across continents - WHO has a 6-stage classification system - must be infectious

5 A Look Back 1341-1400 Black Plague in Europe death-plague-genome-sequenced-111012/ death-plague-genome-sequenced-111012/ 1781-1799 Jenner introduces vaccination 1861-1880 Joseph Lister practices antiseptic surgery 1881-1899 Pasteur vaccinates against rabies Discovered that mosquitoes carry malaria

6 A Look Back 1918 Spanish flu (H1N1) pandemic kills 20-40 million people 1920 Fleming discovers penicillin 1941 Antibiotic use begins 1955 Polio vaccine developed

7 A Look Back 1957 “Asian flu” (H2N2) 1969 “Hong Kong flu” (H3N2) 1970 Smallpox erradicated 1981 First cases of AIDS appear in N.A. 2003 SARS 2009 H1N1 pandemic Avian flu – the next pandemic? (first human infection in 1997– no direct human-human transmission)

8 /20090424/swine_flu_090424/ /20090424/swine_flu_090424/

9 Anatomy of a Pandemic Disease spread easily, often by droplets Most severe strains appear after jumping species (i.e.: birds, pigs) Flu-like symptoms may be more severe in some

10 Controlling the Pandemic Quarentine the infected Supportive care (hydration, respiratory support) Antivirals (i.e.: Tamiflu) ml Cancel public events, close schools Immunization

11 Other Diseases on the Radar HIV/AIDS SARS West Nile Malaria Dengue Fever

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