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This is an EWM Solutions property management software information presentation that briefly reviews what our system offers in a page by page illustration of the menu options. August 2001 Screen Shot Demo

2 Main Menu The main menu gives the manager the ability to select from a couple of different options: Work Tickets: where new tickets can be created or old tickets located. Violations: all violations are recorded and stored. Management: this area contains reports which help the manager/management company track open tickets and contractors. It also allows for interface with MS Word for bidding specifications and automatic faxes to the vendors. Admin: here all owner and resident information can be entered for later access by all modules; including: Pool Passes; Gate Entry Access, Vehicle and Pet registrations and other administrative tasks. August 2001 Screen Shot Demo

3 Work Ticket – Sub Menu The work ticket menu serves as a general launching pad for the managing, issuing, tracking and closing of the manager’s work tickets. Some of the abilities that this menu provides are: Find a Work ticket: which opens a work ticket browser. View Open Work Tickets. Print a Postcard to notify homeowner or resident of scheduled work Print a Work Ticket for auto-fax to contractor Issue an INVOICE for specific work or a specific Work Ticket August 2001 Screen Shot Demo

4 Work Ticket Browser Each work ticket contains all of the pertinent information for all of the involved parties. Some of the information contained in these pages are: Property Number Account Number Homeowner Contact Info Work History for the Unit Contractor Contact Info Category of Work Description of the Work Whether the Work Will Be Invoiced August 2001 Screen Shot Demo

5 Violations Here the manager can: Enter a new violation
View open violations Locate historical violations Issue violation letters, fines and invoices View logs August 2001 Screen Shot Demo

6 Violation Records Violation records contain the necessary information for the closing violations and the collections of fines Add new violations Issue a violation letter Track homeowner responses Issue invoices for unpaid fines All homeowner information is pulled directly from your homeowner database, saving on entry time. August 2001 Screen Shot Demo

7 Violation Letters The system contains violation letter templates for a variety of circumstances, including the number of times the homeowner/ resident has been notified, and the nature of the violation Letters are generated automatically, according to the criteria recorded during the entry of the violation. A letter can be previewed on the screen or exported directly to your printer. August 2001 Screen Shot Demo

8 Invoice Reports - This module maintains all invoices issued for:
Work Tickets, Violations, Sale of Gate Access Remotes etc. It provides for a quick view of open and paid invoices by: Contractor, Homeowner or Association. The data in this section can be exported into Excel for use by the Accounting Department. August 2001 Screen Shot Demo

9 Manager’s Dashboard The Manager’s Dashboard provides advanced reporting to the property manager or management company owner: Automatic Tickler Alert: Mangers can quickly identify problem areas with a list of tickets that have been open for more than 7 days. Bid and RFP Solicitations: Managers can select all contractors from whom to solicit proposals and send a mail merge for RFP’s, specifications and letters with return dates and bid procedures. Contractor Report: Managers can view all of a contractor’s work tickets for all of their sites for comparison of performance and price. August 2001 Screen Shot Demo

10 System Administration
Managers can keep all of their property information up-to-date, with easy entry and recall. Here specific information can be entered for: Homeowners Contractors Vehicles Pets The information entered here is accessible throughout the system by account number, saving valuable entry time, or by address, name etc. August 2001 Screen Shot Demo

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